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I’ve never been accused of being fashion forward. Though, in my own defense, I did buy a chambray shirt back at the beginning of the fall before it became all “cool”. Granted, I never called it a chambray {and still don’t}, and I bought it purely because I like it and not because I had somehow gotten word of it’s impending coolness. But whatevs.

Anyways, I’ve heard about hair chalking for a while. The idea is intriguing; putting chalk in you hair {mainly at the ends} to give it a pop of color. I’ve gone back and forth on trying it and finally decided yesterday to drop the $12 and give it a whirl.



I gave the Pop Pink a try. The directions say to apply to dry hair. I tried that, but frankly had little success. It just made my ends look really dull, not pink. I decided to try it with wet hair. This time the chalk went on smoother, seemed brighter, but once the dust settled, still proved to be more dull than bright.


As the morning has gone on, my house is being covered in a layer of pop pink dust, my hands look as though I played in pink sidewalk chalk, and my hair looks dull. The chalk isn’t holding to my hair like I wanted at all. Kinda a bust {which, while a synonym for pop, is not quite the bust/pop I was going for}.

I considered taking back the chalk, but seeing that my two attempts at chalking used up more than I expected, I’ll have to eat the cost and keep the chalk for Julia and Hannah to use for special dress up days.

Ah, c’est la vie. I’m glad I tried it. I guess if I’m actually wanting to go for colored tips, I’m better off dying them.

I’d love to hear any fun fashionable things y’all have tried lately.


Tuesday night, while the girls ate dinner, I scanned through Pinterest. I came across this fun little number ::

{Pinterest via Lacy Melville}

It really took me longer to pick out a shirt to practice on than it did make. But I finally chose this one. It’s a favorite of mine, that I’ve had for a couple of years. The neck is a bit stretched out, which made it a good choice ::

Making the tank is super, super easy.

1. Cut off the sleeves at the hem.

2. Cut straight across the top just under the collar.

3. Cut off the bottom hem.

4. Cut one more .5″ strip off the bottom {you’ll use this for your straps}.

You sew a straight line across the front top and front back at the collar line. Here’s an example from the original blogger ::

Honestly, I didn’t even pin my shirt. Lazy, right? But that’s what happens when you start a crafting project right before the kids’ bedtime and the youngins start melting down. Not my smartest idea.

Once you have your stitches done, thread your straps through. This did take a little time, but once I hooked the strap onto a crochet needle, I was able to push it through with little trouble.

{Sorry for the low quality photo – Jon left for work before I could get him to take it. Yay for bathroom pictures, right?}

Seriously, this was such an easy project. And the top has been given a whole new life!

What new projects have you been doing?

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I love the Oscars. I can do without the other award shows, but the Oscars are a tradition. The dresses, the jewelry, the hairdos. It’s all over the top and I love it. And every year there are some knock out styles.

1. Penelope Cruz – I’m not a huge Penelope fan, but I’d be crazy not to admit she looked a-maz-ing.

{photo credit}

2. Emma Stone – I love red dresses on red heads.

{photo credit}

3. Natalie Portman – I just loved the polka dots. Simple elegance.

{photo credit}

4. Tina Fey – Tina oozed sophistication. She hit it out of the park in my mind.

{photo credit}

5. Melissa McCarthy – The color, the flowiness, the jewels. Love it all.

{photo credit}

6. Meryl Steep – Rare is the person who can pull off a gold dress, but if anyone can, Meryl can. She is gorgeous. Gorgeous.

{photo credit}

7. Viola Davis – Viola chose such a beautiful green that went perfectly with her skin tone. So pretty.

{photo credit}

8. Cameron Diaz – I love the fitted then flared look on Cameron. Probably doesn’t hurt that she’s a skinny-minny.

{photo credit}

9. Gwyneth Paltrow – The cape she first appeared in was a little weird, but her dress was so simple and subtle that I couldn’t help but love it.

{photo credit}

10. Alexandra Lamy – A throw back to Greecian days, Alexandra looked stunning in her dress.

{photo credit}

Did you watch the Oscars? If so, did you have a favorite dress?

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The temperatures in Austin have dropped, and I’m already bringing out my fall clothes!

Ok, not really. The temperatures have dropped, giving us low 90’s instead of 110’s. But, with the exception of two mornings this week {when I went outside and it was still in the low 60’s}, I have not brought out any cold weather clothes. However, for the last few weeks I have been working on making a crocheted scarf.

As part of my 30 before 30, I wanted to learn to crochet. While I specified making a pot holder, I decided to go all out and make a scarf after I found some cute yarn at Hobby Lobby.  Here is the end product ::

It’s about 50″ long and 8″ wide. Here’s a better picture to show you the length::

Other than to take these pictures, I haven’t worn the scarf. Which gives me even more reason to want the weather to cool off. I’m super excited to actually wear something that I’ve made. And in public no less!

I got some more fun yarn to make the girls each a scarf for Saint Nicholas Day gifts. So far, those are proving to be even faster projects, since they are quite a bit smaller than mine.

What crafty new adventures have you been up to? 

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I’ve always asserted that I am not creative. You know those people who can look at two pieces of fabric and see a beautiful dress? Yeah, that’s not me. Or those people who plan months in advance for their Christmas card, which turns out to be the best card of the season? Again, not me.

But, Jodi at Life and Oh-La-Dee-Dah has been challenging her readers to do something creative, whatever it may be, throughout the day or week. Every time she shows her way fun creations {or re-creations} I think “I really should do something” and promptly think it’ll be too hard. You know, since I’m not creative.

Friday I came across this headband on pinterest ::

{photo credit}

And I found myself thinking “That is so cute, I wish I could do that”, and sighed with defeat. But, the June Cleaver in me decided to toss caution to the wind and just make the headband. If it didn’t turn out, what do I have to loose? Fabric. That’s it.

So I went to town. I grabbed three different sheets of scrap fabric and started cutting, braiding and sewing. I decided to only make one band instead of two, because I’ve found that the bigger the headband the less likely it is to stand in my hair.

Here’s the end result ::

I liked it so much I made one for both girls and another one for me {that is red and black}. Maybe I will take on Jodi’s creativity challenge.

What creative things have you done recently? 

Add me to the ranks of women who don’t like swimsuit shopping. Perhaps second only to jean shopping in the do-I-really-have to category. But, with an expanding belly and a one piece that won’t quite do the trick anymore, I found myself last weekend at Target hunting down a swimsuit.

Truth be known, shopping for a swimsuit while pregnant doesn’t quite help with any self-esteem issues you might have. I just had to remind myself that 1) there’s a reason I need this size 2) the reason will be way cute/worth it come November. I decided to stick with something plain-ish that would grow with me and not fall off when the girls grab on to me. After five tries and a coin toss, this is what I went with:

It’s hard to tell, since I’m sitting down, but the bottoms are plain black. The sides are ruched, making it look cute and fitted now with room to expand by August/September. The back is a racerback, making it feel a lot like a sports bra – which makes it so incredibly comfortable. Overall, it’s a win.

Do you dread swimsuit shopping? Have you ever shopped for a maternity suit?

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My love of flowers in my hair runs deep. When I got married, I wore my hair up {with a veil} and during my reception, I added this beautiful, huge gerber daisy to it. *happy sigh* Then last summer, I decided to spruce up my ponytails by adding cute flowers to them. I will even add them to my favorite knotted up hair do. But, for some reason, I’ve never put flowers in my hair while it’s down. Until now:

I was pretty surprised that it stayed in my hair all day and never loosened up. It added great pizazz to my outfit and I just loved it. What fun things do you do to prettify your hair? Ever tried adding flowers?

**On a completely random note: Notice the crib? When we moved, our movers broke our crib. Sad, right? Jonathan and I really hated the idea of buying a new crib but it had to be done. Or not. My friend/neighbor Jodi randomly asked me if we needed a crib, as her sister was getting rid of hers. Of course I said yes, and the crib arrived a few days later. How awesomely awesome if that? A total thanks to Jodi and God!

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