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Man, I love this stuff

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Growing up, I got the worst tangles. My stick straight hair always got matted and twisted. Plus, my bad habit of sucking my thumb and twisting my hair certainly didn’t help. Now that I am older, my hair doesn’t get nearly as bad, but poor Julia’s does.

Because of this, she hates having her hair brushed. And who could blame her? I know from experience that it hurts. Bad. So, I bought her some hair detangler and I love it. I call it her “hairspray” so she feels like she gets to do something mama-ish. It works like a charm. Spray, brush, and no tears. Yippie!

Now, if I could just figure out to pull her hair back without her screaming, we’d be set.

6 Responses to "Man, I love this stuff"

This brings back bad memories of being caught in the middle of war between my hair and whoever was brushing it. Thankfully Evie’s hair hasn’t been a problem despite her bad habit of putting food in it daily. 🙂

I definitely remember the pain of having my tangled hair brushed. When I was four I had hair down to my butt, but right before starting preschool, my mom had it chopped off, probably because of the tangle issue! We always had the Johnson’s and Johnson’s detangling spray in our house growing up.

I always used this stuff growing up and have tried it on Elizabeth and it worked great, but Phillip HATES that it is putting chemicals on her not even 2 year old head… have you found something without chemicals or done reading on it? If anyone, you are my hope 🙂 Cause I really do love using the stuff on her!

Andrea – Good question! We’ve only used it for a short time and my biggest concern was the chemical thing. I haven’t done any major research, just a little in between everything else, but if I find something I will be sure to pass it along! 🙂

Hi Sarah! So, I know that we’ve never really met, but thanks to your blog and being close with the Abdos, I sort of feel as though I know you a bit. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the wellness company I used to work for makes a really awesome leave-in conditioner/detangler that is chemical free- all the preservatives are plant based, and there’s no aerosol. If you’d like me to score you some to try, let Shirley know or shoot me an email.

[…] long time back, I wrote about how Julia hates to have her hair brushed {or even really touched for that matter}. And as her hair gets longer, it just gets more matted and […]

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