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30 Before 30

At the beginning of 2010 I decided to make a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30 {in March 2012}. Some of them seem downright ridiculous, while others actually seem do-able. Here’s to setting goals!

1. Run a half marathon {DONE!! 4/18/10 and DONE!!!! 2/21/11}

2. Learn to sew a dress (Learned to sew, now just working on a dress)

3. Learn conversational Spanish – 25 phrases

4. Write a children’s book for the girls

5. Learn to play Over The Rainbow on my ukulele

6. Learn to play 3 Christmas carols on the piano (Currently can play 2 – only one left!)

7. Read through the Bible

8. Have a Girls’ Getaway Weekend {DONE! 9/16/10-9/19/10}

9. Go on a family mission’s trip

10. Potty train Hannah 

11. Visit Colorado {DONE! 6/2012}

12. Learn to build a fire without using matches

13. Host an over-the-top 5-course dinner party {DONE! 11/3/12 – We started a supper club and hosted a crazy fun night}

14. Finish my wedding album {DONE!! 12/27/10}

15. Learn to crochet {DONE!! 9/8/11}

16.  Form a pen pal relationship {specifically with my friend in Switzerland}

17. Get a tattoo {DONE!! 4/3/10}

18. Finish War and Peace {currently reading}

19. Take the girls camping overnight

20. Read The Great Gatsby {DONE 4/8/2013}

21. Submit a recipe to Southern Living

22. Speak before a large audience (50+ people) {DONE! 3/3/10}

23. Learn conversational French – 25 phrases

24. Boldly share the Gospel to the people on my prayer list {While this is on going, my brother did get saved!!}

25. Take both girls on a horseback ride

26. Attend a UT football game as a family {Still no football game, but we did see a UT basketball game 2/9/13}

27. Own a Leg Lamp {DONE! 11/18/10}

28. Learn to make crepes {DONE! 2/21/10}

29. Have another baby {He’s here! 11/4/11}

30. Learn to bake with yeast {MASTERED! 5/2011}

8 Responses to "30 Before 30"

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You’ve inspired me! I think I need to start working on one of these lists 🙂

This is an amazing list. I hope to do the same. May God bless your journey.

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I’m turning 30 in march too!!
:O Turning30- feel50, lol

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