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My First Completed Sewing Project!

Posted on: August 25, 2010

Thanks to Jonathan for setting up my mother’s corner, I have an entire sewing area to work on #2  on my 30 before 30 list, sew a dress. I started working on my first apron and many mistakes and thread later, I have a finished product:

{Notice I have flour all over it? Already getting good use out of it!}

I think it’s pretty cute. I got a big kick out of having an apron with an apron pattern. 🙂 Although, don’t look to closely at the seams. Let’s just say, I still haven’t mastered straight lines.

I’ve started on an apron for Julia and I’m hoping to be done later this week. I’m still not confident enough to even buy the fabric for my dress, but I did pick out some patterns from Hobby Lobby last week when they had McCall patterns for 99 cents. Maybe a few more aprons in and I’ll tackle the dress.

13 Responses to "My First Completed Sewing Project!"

Good for you!! If you need more practice on aprons, I wear them every day, and would love a “Sarah” creation!! I will be glad to pay for some fabric, if you have time to make another one!!

good job! I love sewing, but it is on the back burner for now. Replaced it with lots of iron ons & hot glue 🙂

… and you know Sarah men can wear aprons, when they cook, too…
(hint… hint..)

Sooo cute!!!! I also loved your Top 10 Tuesday…great ideas! As for saving up, you really should!! We might have to move flats b/c of money and this is definitely the best for accommodating guests, so try to come by May!! Seriously, when else are you going to have a FREE “hotel?”

Wow, I love the fabric too!! Way to go Sarah, you’re getting so many cool things done from your list. Can’t wait to hear all about New York!

Great job! I LOVE the fabric you chose!

Sarah it is SO CUTE! Love it! I don’t know if you have read the book Mindset: A psychology for sucess, but you embody the book! You tackle new challenges with such joy and determination! I just love it!

Thanks everyone!

Your my hero.

Sarah, I love this!!!! I love how your fabric also has aprons on it.
I’m very fond of aprons. 🙂

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