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Dogs, ALS, and How I’m Dealing with all the Bad News

Posted on: August 22, 2014

Y’all… This world. This world has gone straight up crazy with a side of down right awful. It absolutely breaks my heart to listen to the news. Between ISIS, Ferguson, Ebola, and children being abused I’m just done. I get it. This world is a fallen place, filled with sinful people. We can’t actually expect things to get better, we can’t expect this world to be a place we want to stay. Because this isn’t our home, this isn’t what we were meant to live with.

But, it’s where we are. It’s what we have to deal with till Christ returns. And never before have I so felt the desire “come Lord Jesus, come” as I have in the past year. One day He will, and all things will be made new.

Still, bad news sucks. And right now there is a lot of bad news out there.

Yet, if you look just hard enough, there is some good news.

Like this really bizarre ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Sure, I know that people have found the “bad” in the challenge, but y’all, there is a LOT of good here too. Frankly, we just need some good right now. It’s like when your life is crumbling down and you start laughing at the most ridiculous thing ever. It’s not really all that funny, but you laugh and laugh because your mind, body, and soul are just too dang tired from all the hard. And laughter is medicine. Right now, I’m just taking this Ice Bucket Challenge as a bit of medicine to get me through the bad news out there. It’s not perfect. It’s not a fix all. But goodness does it make me laugh. And I need a good laugh.

And if you keep looking, you’ll find more good things.

Like snuggling up to your pup (who by all standards is far from being a pup in both age and size but who are you to tell him that?) ::


Or finding this gem on the internet early in the morning::  

Screenshot 2014-08-22 09.18.37

Or this video that always makes me laugh (because after taking German for three years in college, I realize it’s one crazy language) ::

Obviously, if that last video didn’t make you laugh as hard as I did, then we clearly don’t have the same sense of humor. And you should watch this one ::

The good doesn’t always outweigh the bad. And we can’t always hide behind good, with fingers crossed that if we don’t look at the bad then it isn’t really there. But, we still need to take a break. We still need to laugh. We still need to hold on to the hope that something better is coming. 

1 Response to "Dogs, ALS, and How I’m Dealing with all the Bad News"

Oh my gosh so much funny thanks for sharing! Well, funny videos but I hear ya on the news and brokenness. I used to be kind of scared/freaked out about jesus coming but my heart leans that way more and more these days.

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