A Wife Loved Like The Church

Meet The Windhams

Sarah – Child of God, Wife, Mama. Marathon runner, lover of homemade foods, all things old, Christmas, blogging and laughing.


In July 2005, I married the man of my dreams, Jonathan. 

Jonathan and Me in California, 2012

Jonathan and Me in California, 2012

He is my rock, my comforter, my comedic relief in a crazy world. I love him dearly. He’s constantly challenging me to be the woman God desires me to be – and I love him all the more for it. An amazing father and provider, but more amazingly a loving and giving husband who is my best friend.

In November 2007, I became the mama to one joyful, energetic little girl, Julia Mabel. A little mama through and through, she is constantly caring, loving and putting others first. She challenges me constantly to be a better person and mother.

Julia at 1 Month

Julia in December 2012

Julia in December 2012

In June 2009, I was blessed again with a lovable, cuddly little girl, Hannah Michelle. She is a spit fire, vivacious, bright girl, who brings a smile to everyone’s mouth with her laughter, singing and dancing.

Hannah at 1 Day

Hannah in December 2012

Hannah in December 2012

In November 2011, we added our sweet baby boy, Joseph Judea {affectionately called Joe Joe}. He is a delight, a joy to be around and a complete wonder kid.

Joseph at 1 Day

Joseph in December 2012

Joseph in December 2012

Jack {aka Jackson, aka Jackie} – Our furriest child and biggest bed hogger ever.

Typical naptime for Jack

3 Responses to "Meet The Windhams"

Congratulations on your beautiful family! Your little girls are SO precious! It is so good to see fellow Christians on wordpress! I am loving reading your blog! 🙂

What an adorable family! We aren’t too far apart in age and neither are our kids.
Me: June 1982
Oldest: Sept 2007
Youngest: March 2010
and I am also hoping to get pregnant before thirty 😉 Love these bloggy connections.

Messy Mom – that is too crazy! We really do have a lot in common when it comes to ages. Maybe a third baby will be close in age too.

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