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It’s hard to write an “About Me” page without either giving so much information or none at all. Most everything you can get from reading my posts, however, I will take a moment to share my personal testimony.

I was saved by the grace of God at the tender age of 8. At the time I didn’t know what it meant to have a personal and true relationship with Christ, other than knowing that I was a sinner and I wanted to be close to God. I spent the next several years in complete ignorance of truth. Around age 13/14 I began to delve deeper into the Bible and started to slowly understand what walking with Christ should/could/would look like. However, I was too young, both in age and faith, to hold my self against the world. By the time college rolled around I had little to nothing to do with God. I went to one of the most liberal colleges in America – UT Austin. I loved it. My flesh thrived. During this time I met my now husband, Jonathan. Through him and one of my dormmates I started to allow God to break down my walls. By my senior year in 2004, I realized that this life is not my own. There was more to life than parties, drugs, selfish living. There was a God who would love me, just as I was, broken and poor, scared and alone. In the darkness of my heart I cried out and He saved me. Since then my life has changed. It’s not perfect. It never will be on this earth. But step by step, day by day, I am laying down my rights in order to serve God Almighty. There is a joy in my heart that no day in college ever brought. It is joy abounding, brought and giving only by my heavenly father.

Feel free to contact me at (lovedlikethechurch at gmail dot com)

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Hi Mama,
Found your blog through my friend who writes ‘banned from baby showers’ – saw your comment & clicked through! Thanks for sharing your testimony – so honest & encouraging. Hope you don’t mind me poking around – always lookin for Godly Christian-mom blogs to encourage me & to waste a few precious naptime moments. I see we have similar kiddos – my daughter is 16 months next week & I am 18 weeks along in this pregnancy. God is good! I don’t blog about anything much except my sweet little girl, but you’re welcome to stop on by. 🙂



Hi, I saw your post on Banned From Baby Showers and have been really delighted and encouraged by your blog! Thank you for sharing honestly and openly about the ups and downs of being a Godly woman, wife, and mother.

After reading about your internet fast and thinking about all the time I too waste and torture myself via websites like facebook I have decided to either cancel my account or take my friend list down to very close friends and family only. I think God has a lot to teach me if I would be open to more listening and less fretting on the internet. This is especially important to my husband and I as we consider planning for children.

Thanks again!

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Very inspiring….

love your passion for God, for your family and for life. Keep it up.
A fellow sister and mommy in Christ,
melinda gray

Just wanted to say hello! I stopped by from Works for me Wednesday today (I TOTALLY agree about the playroom – it’s an essential at my home as well!), but I read your “about me” and we were both at UT Austin at the same time! In a similar way, the Lord protected me from the craziness there. My 13 year-old sister wants to go there too, and I’m hoping and praying that as she gets older she’ll change her mind, as I’ve told her, it’s too easy to loose your soul there…. so sad.
Anyway, you seem like such a great mama and I’m so glad I came by today!!

Andrea – thanks for stopping by!! That’s crazy that we were at UT at the same time! My friend, Katie, from Hageration also was there during that time {though we didn’t meet until afterward, and then via blog}.

That’s an awesome testimony! God’s grace reaches into the nastiest of messes just to find us. Thank God he’s not afraid to go whereever we are. Blessings on you.

Sarah, I know you haven’t heard from me in a long time, but I wanted to start following your blog because you give me great inspiration. God knows, I’m not perfect by a long shot and have made many mistakes ( bad choices) in my life. I have always looked up to you and Jonathan because to me you represent what a godly couple is. I hope and wish you and your beautiful family the best.~ Tawni

Do I have to use essential oils in your homemade cleaning products?

Lynda, I do! I’ve used lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oils.

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