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Crepes – delicious and easy!

Posted on: March 20, 2010

It’s the middle of March and I’m s-l-o-w-l-y making a dent in my 30 Before 30 list.

Two weeks ago, I knocked off Number 22: Speak before a large audience. Originally, I said that the audience needed to be around 50+ people. My actually audience was around 30+ people. Ok, I could get all nit picky, but I’m not gonna. Plus, I’m suppose to talk at my church’s women’s time in April, which will be in front of about 20 people. I figure, add the two together and you’ve got 50. Right? Yeah, I thought so too.

Right after Valentine’s Day, Jonathan and I cooked this pretty awesome French meal for the Abdos in celebration of Stephen’s 16th birthday. To top the meal off, we made crepes. Ahhh… so long Number 28: Learn to make crepes.

Honestly, Number 28 has been one I least expected to complete. It seems to me that crepes are better left to professionals. I’d even venture to say you need to at least know 25 French phrases (Number 23) – which I don’t – before even attempting to make crepes. But, since Jonathan was going to be along side me, and he is the better, more adventurous cook, I gave it a go. Wanna know what? It was so easy!

I followed this basic crepe recipe:

I mixed together flour and eggs:

Add milk, water, salt and butter – mix well:

Mix well:

Have your filling on hand (remember my love of Nutella?):

Pour batter onto a hot flat round pan (if you have a crepe maker it works best):

Cook until the crepe is easy to handle and flip (about 1.5-2 minutes). Flip and smear with Nutella, topping with strawberries:

Fold in half, letting it set for upto a minute while the chocolate melts:

Cut in half and serve:

You could easily top with Nutella and whipped cream for even more decadence!

Bon Appetit!

9 Responses to "Crepes – delicious and easy!"

Way to go on the list, the health and all. Love the crepes, my husband will be super excited when we try this. ALL he ate when we were in Paris in November was crepes, seriously.

I didn’t know you went to Paris! Where did y’all stay? I’m shopping around for hotels for when we go. When I went a few years back, I made Jon take me to a crepe shop we found multiple times in a day! It was fabulous! 🙂

Yes we did!! I was six weeks pregnant and just getting morning sickness so it wasn’t the best trip but we’ll never forget it. I’ll email you more info.

Theses pics don’t do justice to how wonderful these crepes were!!! Thanks, Jonathan and Sarah, for making Steven’s 16th birthday so special and memorable for ALL of us! You guys could seriousally open a French restaurant!

YUM! Reminds me of this lovely place we just went.

You’re going to love it (have you been before?) – new favorite place.

We have been before. We went for my post-college trip in 2004. Loved it! Glad you loved it so much! 🙂

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