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This Year’s Last Family Photo

Posted on: December 31, 2010

It is really the last day of 2010? I swear the year just started. And now it’s over. Wow.

Christmas Eve in Granbury, TX

December has been a slower month in terms of Windham-ness. It’s been busy, with settling into our apartment, becoming official Texans again and meeting new people. But, we have been able to have a lot more family time, uninterrupted by event after event. And it’s been very good for all of us.

December was Jonathan’s first full month at his new company. Can I tell you, I love his job? Seriously, it is as though the job was written just for him. Already within the first month I can see him flourishing as never before. It’s awesome. I never realized how important my husband’s job was until now. How much enjoying what you do can impact your family. It’s just been wonderful.

Julia has become a kid genius. I’m sure all kids are bright, but it seems like Julia is asking questions and probing for answers that are years ahead of her. Her biggest questions now are about the earth, the sun and the moon. She’s not content with simple answers, but wants us to explain where the sun goes at night, why the moon moves when we are in the car and where Texas is compared to Iowa. Speaking of Iowa, Julia’s really been missing her Iowa friends. A lot. She had us in tears the other night when she started crying asking to go “home”. She talks about her Iowa friends on a daily basis. We are still navigating how to introduce her to new kids, get her more involved with kids. I’m working on a post for that next week.

Hannah, my precious little Hannah, who has decided that now as her vocabulary haas nearly tripled this month so has her attitude. Vocabulary first – Hannah has become quiet the talker! She now speaks in more sentences than not. The other morning, she crawled into our bed at the crack of dawn and requested to watch Word World, which came out “Wa Wor World”. Too cute! And of course, to get 30 minutes more sleep, I let her. Her attitude, on the other hand is not so cute. Now, when we ask her to do something, her first reaction is “NO!” and holding her hand out to us. Hmph. I’m fully realizing she is going to be quite the little firecracker.

As for me, I am still in a little shock that we’ve moved. I told Jonathan the other day I think it will take a few months to really sink in. In a good way, as it seems each day I get a little more excited about being home. I finished up #14 {Finish our wedding album} on my 30 before 30 list this week. I’ve been spending some time this month reevaluating my list, debating on changing up some of my items and coming to terms with not getting as much completed as I wished. I still have half a dress sitting in our garage that never got completed before we moved.

Here’s to a new year and hopes that it will be a blessed year for you and your family!

8 Responses to "This Year’s Last Family Photo"

Oh your family picture is just beautiful! So glad that all is going so well especially with Johnathan’s job. I believe things will smooth out with the girls really quickly.

What a great December picture! I really am going to try this idea myself this year… Are you going to make them into a book?

A beautiful family picture!! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

I’m so glad to hear this has been a good month for you! Moving as a kid is hard, but they will likely appreciate it later as they will have many friends in many different places! (At least that is how it turned out for me.) I still wish I could have a sewing hang out to help you get your dress done. But here is to hoping you find a new sewing buddy or just find the time to enjoy doing it!

Beautiful photo, great scarf! I’m glad that Jonathan’s job is going so well, that’s fantastic! After my first terrible job out of college I found out how important loving one’s job can be. Chris and I talk often about him loving his work, after all he spends most of the time there so it should be fulfilling. Hope Julia finds some great kids to connect with soon. Crazy about Hannah’s language and personality coming out in her passionate ‘no’s’! Here’s to continued settling in Austin for the whole family, and way to go on the album. Can’t wait to see what you do with the 30 before 30 list!

Beautiful family!

It’s amazing how quickly little ones grow! Spending the weekend with my niece and nephew reminded me of that once again. It’s like I blinked and suddenly they were no longer babies, but suddenly little miniature people, haha.

I hope Julia will be able to transition smoothly into new friendships in TX. I’m sure she will do great with you guys there to support her!

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