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Our Family in a Year *Seen Through Pictures

Posted on: February 1, 2011

One year ago, I started a photo project – to take a family picture once a month. And while it seemed easy enough, it was hard coordinating a photo every month. Yesterday was the last day, which actually didn’t happen until this morning. Here are my favorite pictures from the last year:

1. June 2010

Two Toddlers in the House 2. March 2010

1950's House Family

3. October 2010

Texas Landscape Hill Country 4. July 2010

Five Year Wedding Photo 5. May 2010

Chicago Family Picture 6. November 2010

Colored Family Pictured 7. December 2010

Christmas Family Photo 8. February 2010

Project 12 First Picture9. April 2010

April Showers

10. January 2011

Visit Oh Amanda for more Top Ten Tuesday.

8 Responses to "Our Family in a Year *Seen Through Pictures"

This is so fun! They are all good and truly tell a story. My favorites are June March and July.

so fun! i’m thinking maybe we can give it a try this year 🙂 ps. is that your black dress you made???

Katie – thanks!

Leah – You should totally do it! And no, sadly, that’s not my dress. My dress is half way completed sitting in a box in the garage. I haven’t even brought my sewing machine out. But it’s on my to do list for this month!

So cute! I need to do this!

Oh my goodness, you guys are SO adorable! Love this!

great idea!
p.s. is that your wedding dress that you still fit into?? if so *high five* 🙂

What a fun thing to do. Makes for some great memories.

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