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A Texan Family Picture

Posted on: October 31, 2010

We got back yesterday from a week long trip to Texas. We traveled down to Houston to celebrate Matt and Kristen’s wedding, then headed to Austin to visit friends, and ended the trip spending time in Ft. Worth with family. It was a wonderful trip and the girls did amazing.

As evidence from the photo, Hannah has discovered her nose. She doesn’t actual pick it, so much as just “hang out” there. I’ve tried discouraging it, but everything I’ve tried just makes her laugh. Hmmm, not quite what I was going for. Other than discovering body parts, Hannah’s vocabulary is increasingly daily. She’s mostly into animals, either saying their names {cat, dog, duck} or making the animal noise associated with them. The newest Hannah-ism – she’s taken to carrying Molly {her bear} around in her mouth while growling. It is hilarious.

Julia seems like she gets older and wiser every second. Jonathan taught her how to wave her index finger and say “I don’t think so”. Oh man, that had us laughing for days. She’s now a little parrot, repeating everything we say. It’s been a good reminder to say good things and speak edifying words. Julia’s also taken to being really interested in the map. Perhaps it’s because of the trip, but she’s always asking us to “show me” where we’re going.

Jonathan has really been enjoying the football season. He’s doing a much better job of keeping track of the teams than I am, which doesn’t really surprise anyone. He hasn’t had as many “honey-do” projects, so he’s weekends have been more free {if that’s actually possible for any husband and dad}. He was a groomsmen in Matt’s wedding and I must say looked quite dashing in his tuxedo.

As for me, I’m always up to some new project. Unfortunately I didn’t make it the whole month without sugar. I cracked at the wedding, when several people said “you aren’t having wedding cake?!”. Shamefully enough, once I caved, I caved big time and consumed too much sugar on our trip. I’m having to evaluate how it’s effected my body {more tired, headaches, etc} to decide if I really want to be intentional in cutting out sugar more long term. As for my crazy 100 mile running challenge, I’m a wee-bit behind. I didn’t do any running while we were gone, but I’m hopeful I can make it up in the coming weeks. We’ll see!

3 Responses to "A Texan Family Picture"

Oh, yay! I love this project you’ve been doing! Maybe we’ll do it this next year… Sounds like you guys had a fun trip!

Another great photo! Sounds like a really great trip too, glad ya’ll had fun and got to visit so many places.

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