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Jonathan is out of town for the next two weeks {I’ll explain more later this week}. And frankly, when my husband is gone long periods of time I get a little whiny. I don’t know about other wives/moms, but life doesn’t function quite the same for me without Jonathan around.

Despite Jonathan being gone, I resolved to make these two weeks as joyful as ever. Will we miss Jonathan? Yes. Will there be hard times? I have three small kids, does that need an answer?. But can we still be grateful? Of course!

Here are ten wonderful things I am grateful for ::

1. Our family vacation to Colorado {more on this later this week} ::

2. Having my brother along for the 16 hour road trip home. I think if he hadn’t been with me, we would have had our own version of Oregon Trail, where we all got dysentery and died.

3. Having all three kids sleep until 8 am our first morning home. Thank you Jesus!

4. Our gym membership. The place I am now frequent on a daily basis because I can get 2 hours of kid free time. Best summer investment ever.

5. Friends who text you as soon as they know you’re home, ask how to help, invite you over for swimming, home cooked meal and adult conversation.

6. Taking up the whole bed at night. Let’s face it, having a big bed all to yourself is kind of a luxury as a mom. Or at least having it to yourself until all the kids piling in around 3 am.

7. We get to see Jesse, Shelly and my nieces this weekend. The girls and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

8. Not only was I in a wedding this past weekend, I’m going to be in a wedding next week. Celebrating marriage with friends brings me such joy. It’s going to be super fun. I get to wear a sari and dance at a Mehndi {though this last part has me freaking out a bit}.

9. I’m letting go of a lot of household responsibilities these next two weeks and just focusing on having fun with the kids {and conserving my energy to last me the whole time}. Frankly, being a mom is pretty sweet and fun.

10. Skype, G-chat, text messages and any other form of communication is my BFF right now. Whatever I can do to talk to Jonathan, even for a minute or two, is something I am super grateful for.

What are you grateful for {big or small}?

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A few months after Hannah was born, I started my journey as a runner. By the time she was 6.5 months, I started actively training for my first half marathon. During all that time, I breastfed.

Two weeks after Joseph was born, I started easing back into a workout routine. Then once he was 6 weeks old, I began actively training for my most recent half marathon. Again, all while breastfeeding.

Last week, I had a pregnant mom mention that she had been told you shouldn’t workout while nursing. She asked me my opinions.

Clearly, I think that not working out while nursing is completely nuts….

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I’m turning 30 this weekend. Thirty. The big 3-0. And frankly, I’m freaking out a bit.

Typically, I don’t think much about age, but this birthday is throwing me. A little over two years ago, I set up 30 goals I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30. I’ve gotten about halfway through the list. It’s not looking like I’ll complete it before Sunday. And with that looming over me, I’ve been wondering, “what have I done for the last two years of my life?“. I figured, I’d do what I do best – make a list of the highlights from the last two years.

1. Bought my dream home

2. Ran a half marathon {3 times}

3. Had my first ever girls weekend in New York City

4. Moved to Texas

5. Attended my first ever blogging conference

6. Bought my husband’s dream home 

7. Saw my best friend get married

8. Found out we were bringing a boy into our very girly home

9. Celebrated not just five, but six years of marriage to an amazing guy

10. Had sweet little Joseph Judea

So, I might not be reaching my 30 before 30 goal by the weekend. But I’d say the last two years {plus the 28 before that} have been down right amazing. Here’s to making the next 30 just as kicking.

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I love the Oscars. I can do without the other award shows, but the Oscars are a tradition. The dresses, the jewelry, the hairdos. It’s all over the top and I love it. And every year there are some knock out styles.

1. Penelope Cruz – I’m not a huge Penelope fan, but I’d be crazy not to admit she looked a-maz-ing.

{photo credit}

2. Emma Stone – I love red dresses on red heads.

{photo credit}

3. Natalie Portman – I just loved the polka dots. Simple elegance.

{photo credit}

4. Tina Fey – Tina oozed sophistication. She hit it out of the park in my mind.

{photo credit}

5. Melissa McCarthy – The color, the flowiness, the jewels. Love it all.

{photo credit}

6. Meryl Steep – Rare is the person who can pull off a gold dress, but if anyone can, Meryl can. She is gorgeous. Gorgeous.

{photo credit}

7. Viola Davis – Viola chose such a beautiful green that went perfectly with her skin tone. So pretty.

{photo credit}

8. Cameron Diaz – I love the fitted then flared look on Cameron. Probably doesn’t hurt that she’s a skinny-minny.

{photo credit}

9. Gwyneth Paltrow – The cape she first appeared in was a little weird, but her dress was so simple and subtle that I couldn’t help but love it.

{photo credit}

10. Alexandra Lamy – A throw back to Greecian days, Alexandra looked stunning in her dress.

{photo credit}

Did you watch the Oscars? If so, did you have a favorite dress?

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Top Ten {Tuesday}Something I love about people is that everyone is unique. Even when we’re in that awkward middle school lemming phase of life, we still have an imprint all to ourselves. And those people who embrace their unique qualities are just beautiful. I wanted to share with you some uniqueness of my own.

1. I’m really obsessed with television and movies. We don’t have cable because I get a little too tv happy and never get actual work done with television as an option. Because of my obsession, I speak fluently in movie and television quotes. Daily, I quote some favorite movie and most situations I encounter remind me of a Seinfeld episode.

2. Growing up I split my time between my mom’s house and my dad’s house. They live about 3 hours apart and we would meet in the middle for a kid swap. The swap took place at Cookeville-Sparta Exit 287. I can’t even tell you my current exit number, but thanks to a song my dad and stepmom made up, I will forever remember Cookeville-Spark Exit 287 in Tennessee. {Even now the rhyme is in my head.}

3. I talk to myself. Often. And while I know that’s not at all weird, I talk to myself in different voices. Constantly. Which might be why I love Jess in New Girl so, so much.

4. Along with talking to myself, I sing to myself. Preferably opera style. And not typical, normal, everyone-knows-this-song songs. I make up my own songs. Like my grocery list. Yeah. I’m just that cool.

5. I get really obsessive compulsive about counting. Once I start counting, say, the number of cookies I baked, I have a really hard time stopping. I physically have to remove myself from the room in order to stop. It’s almost as if a switch has been turned on and I can’t help myself. It drives Jonathan a bit crazy.

6. I desperately want a half sleeve tattoo. Currently, saner minds are prevailing {i.e. Jonathan won’t agree} and I’m left with just researching tattoo ideas. But if given then chance, one day my left arm will be filled with color.

7. When I was a little girl, my grandfather planted a tree for me. It was a white dogwood. Since then, dogwood trees have always been my favorite trees. Perhaps a dogwood would make for a cool tattoo.

8. I find Weeping Willow trees to be wildly romantic. Despite the fact that I grew up calling weeping willows snot trees.

9. I love my wedding dress. It’s beautiful and exactly what I wanted. However, I really want to trash my wedding dress. It’s the concept of saying the dress will never been needed again, and is a super cool alternative to preserving it. I’d love to do a whole portrait session for our ten year anniversary.

10. I’m quick to judge products based on their commercials. I haven’t eaten at Quiznos in years because of their rodent commercials {I mean, really, rodents selling food, yuck}. Kia won my heart years ago with a funny commercial they had {and now I’m a proud Kia owner}. Mary at Giving Up on Perfect has her thoughts on Super Bowl commercials. And Kia just happens to make the list.

What are some of your quirks or what makes you unique?

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Our family has been back in Austin for almost 14 months now. Each time we drive into downtown, I’m amazed at how much I still love living here. I loved it while I was in college, but I love it even more now that I have my four favorite people to share it with. I keep thinking that the love-struck feeling will wear off, but it doesn’t. And with each passing date night, trip out with the kids or chat with another Austinite, my love for this city grows.

Here are some of the things I love about Austin ::

1. Zilker Park

Being in Zilker brings a certain calm over me. I tend to feel closest to God when I’m out in nature, so having that closeness coupled with an amazing view of my city just impacts my love for Zilker even more.

2. Live Music – 

You can’t walk downtown without hearing music. Whether it be from a bar, or a person on the street, the city is constantly filled with music. It brings an energy like nothing I’ve felt before.

3. Swimming –

Summers in Texas are hot. In fact, as I’m typing this, it’s 63*. In January. Swimming is a must from April through September {and even in October}. Which is why I love our community pool.

4. Barton Springs Pool

Technically, I’ve not taken the girls to the actual pool part of Barton Springs, but we’ve taken Jack swimming in the nearby reservoir several times. The water is cold and filled with tons of other dogs. It’s tons of fun for Jack and the girls.

5. The Style –

Austin is a laid back, easy paced city. With a few exceptions, the typical dress code is casual. Summer consists of dressed and flip-flops. Winter consists of jeans and lightweight jackets. Being a jeans and tshirt kinda gal, I love it.

6. The People –

You can’t have a laid back style without laid back people. Austinites know when to work, but know when to play. They are willing to chat for long hours, let you crash in their house, and are always up for running.

7. The Food – 

We have a great book, Food Lover’s Guide to Austin. Packed full of great eats, sectioned off by areas of the city, we are slowly eating our way through the city. My personal favorites are Guero’s, Hopdoddy, Trudy’s, and Tarka, to name a few.

8. The Austin Stone –

One of the hardest things about leaving Iowa, was leaving our friends and our church. I knew that God would grow us in new ways at the Austin Stone, but I never thought I’d love it like I loved Mars Hill. But I do. Completely. My church, or rather the people in it, have had great impact on my life.

9. Littlefield Fountain –

{photo credit}

This fountain sits at the south end of the University. It stands out in my mind as one of my favorite spots on all of campus. Sitting on the south lawn {which is directly behind the fountain} looking off south to the Capitol Building {which is directly south of the fountain}. It is decidedly Austin to me.

10. Running Community – 

While I didn’t run in when I lived here during college, I’ve thoroughly loved the running community since moving back. Because of the hot summers, spring and late fall are the best times to run here in Austin. And because of that, there are always great/fun runs to participate in during the cooler months. I’m racing in two next month and a third in March.

What is your favorite city? Why?

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Top Ten {Tuesday} I love reading. And if there is one trait I want to pass along to my children {besides a love of Indian food}, it’s to have a love of reading as well. Because of that, we read. A lot. After countless trips to the library, reaching the max limit of books allowed and reading for hours a day, I’ve got my favorite “go to” children’s books.

1. Fancy Nancy {by Jane O’Connor} – I love Nancy because she uses “big” words and gives easy definitions {a plume is a feather}. Plus, the stories lines are super cute, girly, but oh so smart. And it doesn’t hurt that Nancy loves all things Parisian.

2. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe {by C.S. Lewis} – I don’t remember when I originally read this first book in the Chronicles of Narnia Series, but I have always loved it. Even as a child. And over the Christmas break, I decided to read it to Julia. Based on her begging to read it every day, I think she loved it too.

3. Where The Wild Things Are {by Maurice Sendak} – Again, a favorite from my own childhood, I think this book perfectly represents my two queens of all wild things.

4. Chester’s Way {by Kevin Henkes} – A great story about being your own person, making friends and taking adventures.

5. Green Eggs and Ham {by Dr. Seuss} – While all of Dr. Seuss’s books rock, I love this one the most. That could be because I use it as leverage when my girls don’t want to try new foods – I just tell them, “I do like them Sam I am!” and they buy it every time.

6. Good Dog, Carl {by Alexandra Day} – The “Carl” series is a sweet story of a Rottweiler who plays nanny for a baby. There are very few words, but the pictures are sweet, creative and lead to lots of fun imaginative questions.

7. Harold and the Purple Crayon {by Crockett Johnson} – Harold, an inquisitive boy, makes his own world with his purple crayon in hand. A favorite with Julia because of all the purple.

8. Olivia {by Ian Falconer} – A spunky, adventurous little pig with great style. What’s not to love?

9. Giggle, Giggle, Quack {by Doreen Cornin} – Hilarious. Seriously, every time I read it, I belly laugh. Love it.

10. Harry Potter {by J.K. Rowling} – While this series is too mature for the kids right now, I’m looking forward to the time we can all read it together.

What are your favorite children’s books?

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Christmas is less than two weeks away. It’s bittersweet, because I wish this time of year lasted longer than 4 weeks. But even without a calendar, I know it’s Christmas because ::

1. My house smells like a Christmas tree farm – Hmmm, mistletoe scented candles.

2. I have carols playing all day, every day – If the girls had their way, Jingle Bells and 12 Days of Christmas would be on repeat.

3. I made fudge at 2 in the afternoon, just because – Seriously you have to try Amy’s no fail peanut butter cocoa fudge.

4. I let mykids watch tv every night, because I want to watch all the Christmas cartoon classics – I’m a sucker for the Grinch.

5. My to-do list includes making 3 different types of desserts – I will not eat all of them, I will not eat all of them…

6. I find myself secretly wishing our family participated in Elf on the Shelf – while I think the elf is slightly creepy, I’ve seen some pretty awesome creativity on Facebook from my elfy friends.

7. My daughter promptly announces “Santa is dead” to a group of kids – yeah, we’re still working on the whole Santa is no longer alive but people still play Santa thing.

8. I spend extra time driving around at night just to look at lights.

9. I gain 10 pounds – thankfully this isn’t happening to me this year, a Christmas first.

10. I go shopping just because – I love be in the hussle and bussle of Christmas shopping when I don’t* have shopping to do. And these year, I don’t. Love it.

What makes it feel like Christmas to you?

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Since adding Joseph into the fold, I’ve realized life has gotten exponentially busier. And it didn’t take me long to realize that being mama to three is quite the feat. Kinda like playing an Olympic sport.

And I started wondering, if parenting were an Olympic game, which sports would there be?

1. Coffee Consumption – Measuring not only rate of consumption, but amount as well.

2. Sleepless Production – Measuring productive output based on lack of sleep.

3. Promptness – How close parent arrives at the time they said they would {I’m not winning this one anytime soon}.

4. Readiness – How long it takes to get out the door with three kids – everyone dressed, moms with make up on.

5. Day Preparedness – How prepared you are for getting poop off your baby, yourself and your car {which totally happened to me this last weekend}.

6. Juggling – Measuring ability to do fifteen things at once, without losing your mind.

7. Hosting – Measuring ability to host a holiday, without losing your mind.

8. Bathroom Quickness – How fast you can dart to the bathroom while the kids aren’t looking.

9. Conversation Holding – How long can you hold “adult” conversation without using the words “potty”, “naptime”, “binky”, etc.

10. Longevity – How long can you go re-wearing the same jeans before someone notices {I’m on week two…}.

Can we agree, all parents deserve gold metals?!? Yeah, we totally do.

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Have you met my good friend Pinterest? What’s that? A website can’t be a friend? Au contraire. Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration for me over the last couple of months.

1. Joseph’s name banner

2. Dry erase message board for the girls

3. Race bib display

4. Major awesome onesie for Joseph

5. Fall mantle decorations

6. Quote for the girls’ room {I printed out and framed}

{Pinterest via Jayme Roth Coonce}

7. S’mores, oh the s’mores

{Pinterest via Molly Weesner}

8. Peanut butter ice cream 

{Pinterest via Mandi Holcombe}

9. Cloth Wipes

10. Yummy, yummy pancakes 

{Pinterest via Tammie Mosley}

How has Pinterest inspired you lately?

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