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Top Ten {Tuesday}Something I love about people is that everyone is unique. Even when we’re in that awkward middle school lemming phase of life, we still have an imprint all to ourselves. And those people who embrace their unique qualities are just beautiful. I wanted to share with you some uniqueness of my own.

1. I’m really obsessed with television and movies. We don’t have cable because I get a little too tv happy and never get actual work done with television as an option. Because of my obsession, I speak fluently in movie and television quotes. Daily, I quote some favorite movie and most situations I encounter remind me of a Seinfeld episode.

2. Growing up I split my time between my mom’s house and my dad’s house. They live about 3 hours apart and we would meet in the middle for a kid swap. The swap took place at Cookeville-Sparta Exit 287. I can’t even tell you my current exit number, but thanks to a song my dad and stepmom made up, I will forever remember Cookeville-Spark Exit 287 in Tennessee. {Even now the rhyme is in my head.}

3. I talk to myself. Often. And while I know that’s not at all weird, I talk to myself in different voices. Constantly. Which might be why I love Jess in New Girl so, so much.

4. Along with talking to myself, I sing to myself. Preferably opera style. And not typical, normal, everyone-knows-this-song songs. I make up my own songs. Like my grocery list. Yeah. I’m just that cool.

5. I get really obsessive compulsive about counting. Once I start counting, say, the number of cookies I baked, I have a really hard time stopping. I physically have to remove myself from the room in order to stop. It’s almost as if a switch has been turned on and I can’t help myself. It drives Jonathan a bit crazy.

6. I desperately want a half sleeve tattoo. Currently, saner minds are prevailing {i.e. Jonathan won’t agree} and I’m left with just researching tattoo ideas. But if given then chance, one day my left arm will be filled with color.

7. When I was a little girl, my grandfather planted a tree for me. It was a white dogwood. Since then, dogwood trees have always been my favorite trees. Perhaps a dogwood would make for a cool tattoo.

8. I find Weeping Willow trees to be wildly romantic. Despite the fact that I grew up calling weeping willows snot trees.

9. I love my wedding dress. It’s beautiful and exactly what I wanted. However, I really want to trash my wedding dress. It’s the concept of saying the dress will never been needed again, and is a super cool alternative to preserving it. I’d love to do a whole portrait session for our ten year anniversary.

10. I’m quick to judge products based on their commercials. I haven’t eaten at Quiznos in years because of their rodent commercials {I mean, really, rodents selling food, yuck}. Kia won my heart years ago with a funny commercial they had {and now I’m a proud Kia owner}. Mary at Giving Up on Perfect has her thoughts on Super Bowl commercials. And Kia just happens to make the list.

What are some of your quirks or what makes you unique?

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