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If Parenting Were an Olympic Game

Posted on: November 29, 2011

Since adding Joseph into the fold, I’ve realized life has gotten exponentially busier. And it didn’t take me long to realize that being mama to three is quite the feat. Kinda like playing an Olympic sport.

And I started wondering, if parenting were an Olympic game, which sports would there be?

1. Coffee Consumption – Measuring not only rate of consumption, but amount as well.

2. Sleepless Production – Measuring productive output based on lack of sleep.

3. Promptness – How close parent arrives at the time they said they would {I’m not winning this one anytime soon}.

4. Readiness – How long it takes to get out the door with three kids – everyone dressed, moms with make up on.

5. Day Preparedness – How prepared you are for getting poop off your baby, yourself and your car {which totally happened to me this last weekend}.

6. Juggling – Measuring ability to do fifteen things at once, without losing your mind.

7. Hosting – Measuring ability to host a holiday, without losing your mind.

8. Bathroom Quickness – How fast you can dart to the bathroom while the kids aren’t looking.

9. Conversation Holding – How long can you hold “adult” conversation without using the words “potty”, “naptime”, “binky”, etc.

10. Longevity – How long can you go re-wearing the same jeans before someone notices {I’m on week two…}.

Can we agree, all parents deserve gold metals?!? Yeah, we totally do.

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4 Responses to "If Parenting Were an Olympic Game"

haha! This made my day! I totally agree…it’s worthy of being in the olympics. Especially with three little ones!

Agreed! Don’t try to do to much! (If that is possible.) Out side of the necessary of course! 😉

What a great list, hilarious! Three, I can hardly imagine but hope to be there someday. Good thing I have smart, creative, open, positive mommas paving the way (you’re one of em)!

let’s add 1-handed typing with non-dominant hand while nursing…which is what i’m doing…gold goes to mom who can punctuate and capitalize…

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