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Learning All About Christ

Posted on: December 2, 2011

Yesterday marked the first day of Advent. The girls and I started on our candle ornament from Truth in the Tinsel : An Advent Experience for Little Hands. We read through Isaiah 9, about Jesus coming to bring light into a dark world. We talked about how our hearts are dark from sin, and that only Christ can give us light. I even went so far as to have them stand in my closet, door closed, and lit a match to “bring light” into the darkness. {Thankfully, the house did not burn down.}

Truthfully, taking the above picture was ten times harder than the craft making.

I was a bit under prepared for the first craft. Hannah used up all our glue on purpose {bonus points if you get that reference} and all I was left with was about two inches of Scotch tape. But we made it work! Though, a trip to the store has happened so we are ready for the rest of the month.

I can’t wait to spent the next three weeks talking about Christ, His birth and our redemption.

What’s your Friday joy?

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5 Responses to "Learning All About Christ"

So sweet! I’ve been slowly talking to Jacob and Judah about the reason for Christmas and I think Jacob is getting small bits of it. I love being able to share it with them too!

My friday joy is that my parents and sister are going to drive down from kansas to visit practically only for christmas day so we’re together. My mom and I have only spent 1 christmas apart and it was last year and it was due to an ice storm that happened christmas eve night.

Thank you for the book referral!

Please email me! I have a question about your blog 🙂

Somehow I missed this post but love the message! Trying to show and teach Archer about Jesus sometimes feels impossible and overwhelming but reading things like this are always encouraging. I can’t force him and it’s small bits at a time! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

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