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You Know It’s Almost Christmas When… A Top Ten

Posted on: December 13, 2011

Christmas is less than two weeks away. It’s bittersweet, because I wish this time of year lasted longer than 4 weeks. But even without a calendar, I know it’s Christmas because ::

1. My house smells like a Christmas tree farm – Hmmm, mistletoe scented candles.

2. I have carols playing all day, every day – If the girls had their way, Jingle Bells and 12 Days of Christmas would be on repeat.

3. I made fudge at 2 in the afternoon, just because – Seriously you have to try Amy’s no fail peanut butter cocoa fudge.

4. I let mykids watch tv every night, because I want to watch all the Christmas cartoon classics – I’m a sucker for the Grinch.

5. My to-do list includes making 3 different types of desserts – I will not eat all of them, I will not eat all of them…

6. I find myself secretly wishing our family participated in Elf on the Shelf – while I think the elf is slightly creepy, I’ve seen some pretty awesome creativity on Facebook from my elfy friends.

7. My daughter promptly announces “Santa is dead” to a group of kids – yeah, we’re still working on the whole Santa is no longer alive but people still play Santa thing.

8. I spend extra time driving around at night just to look at lights.

9. I gain 10 pounds – thankfully this isn’t happening to me this year, a Christmas first.

10. I go shopping just because – I love be in the hussle and bussle of Christmas shopping when I don’t* have shopping to do. And these year, I don’t. Love it.

What makes it feel like Christmas to you?

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6 Responses to "You Know It’s Almost Christmas When… A Top Ten"

I almost bought the elf on the shelf yesterday but it was $30 at Hallmark and I just couldn’t justify it. Especially with only two weeks left before Christmas. Maybe next year. I don’t know. It’s been unbelievably busy in our life lately so Christmas feels almost rushed this year, which I’m really bothered by. I need to just stop all the “noise” for a few days and soak up Jesus and my family. That’s what it’s all about anyway. Hope you are doing well. 🙂


Please email me! I have a question about your blog 🙂

this is such a cute list! I love this time of year also!

What a fun list! I think the all day Christmas carols and sitting around the tree lights at night make it feel most like Christmas in our house. AND this year I’ve done some extra decorating which has been pretty fun and I might keep it up.

Your niece Austin actually still wants to believe in Santa. At 12, neither her mother nor I have actually told her Santa doesn’t exist. I think she knows he doesn’t but just hasn’t wanted to give it up yet.

You know, I was the same way. I really wanted to believe in Santa. And while I’m glad we are being honest with the girls, I feel a little sad that they are missing out on believing too.

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