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You Gotta See the Baby

Posted on: November 28, 2011

I’ve been rather neglectful when it comes to keep everyone updated on Mr. Joseph. Turns out, life with three is quite a bit busier than you’d imagine. Plus, I’m really awful at remembering to take pictures. Even with instagram on my iPhone, I still can’t remember.

But I’m trying to get my act together and have gotta a few shots of Joseph for your viewing pleasure.

Snuggly baby

Who doesn't like a neeked baby?

He sure looks good in burnt orange

Why yes, that does say Santa's Helper. And yes, he was wearing it before Thanksgiving.

Joseph is quite the snuggly baby. He loves being held and is especially fond of chilling in his mei tai {but haven’t all my kids?}.

We hit a small snag when Joseph was about 10 days old. He hit a growth spurt and spent the next 48 hours eating like a mad man. And then he stopped sleeping… bummer. He would wake up every 1.5-2 hours during the night to eat. At our two week check up, Joseph had gained a full pound in one week {which is 2-4 times the normal amount}. Our midwife thought perhaps I was over producing milk, causing Joseph to only get fore milk and not enough hind milk. We switched up our feeding routine and since then we’ve been getting more 4 hours sleep stretches, with some rougher nights thrown in the mix.

Life with three is busy, but, I feel like the transition has gone much smoother than I could have ever hoped. Joseph has already been a huge blessing to our family. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a pretty relaxed baby.

10 Responses to "You Gotta See the Baby"

So cute! What a little man too. There are some boys who you could never think they are a girl & you’ve got one! Handsome dude! Congrats & glad youre enjoying the dynamic of 3!

He is precious. Congratulations!

Evangeline gained 2.5 pounds in 2 weeks and had really rough nights for a week straight. Had to Google to figure out the potential overproduction issue even though I had THE book on breastfeeding. Fortunately, switching up the feeding routine seems to have improved things.

Our midwife also said peppermint tea was helpful for slowing down production {just FYI}. After my appointment, I realized we had similar issue when Hannah was a baby that we never “diagnosed”, but she adjusted quicker than Joseph has – proving yet again, every baby is different.

He is ADORABLE! And you look pretty great yourself!

He is the cutest! I’m so glad that you are still counting your blessings even in the midst of all the new-found busyness. God bless :).

Adorable!! Both him & you:)

Thanks for sharing! Hope the eating and sleep thing continue to go better. Life after a newborn is always a bit crazy for a while. 😉

I LOVE all these photos, especially the naked one! He is such a little dude, and you look beautiful.

I’m glad you figured out the milk issue and hope the sleep continues to improve. Thank you for sharing!

Great-Grand Ma said he is really a big BOY! She said he reminds her of E-Mel when she was born. We both agree he is handsome.

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