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Joseph turns 3 years old today. THREE. How did this even happen? How did time go by so quickly? Seriously, we have to stop all this craziness. I just can’t even handle it.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 19.29.55

Joseph, 1 hour old

Joseph, Age 3

Joseph, Age 3

Sweet Joseph {Joe Joe; Joe; Judea},

I will never be able to fully put into words just how much you mean to me. You bring me so much joy. I love your enthusiasm for literally everything, especially anything that is blue or has an engine. Over this past year, you have started talking like crazy. My favorite is when you go into pretend play and act like BatMan or a Kratt Brother. And I can’t help but laugh every time you stick your little index finger in the air and say “Um, I know….” You are such a little man.

For as much as I love you, there are your sisters. I always imagined that you and the girls would be close, but I never realized how fiercely you would love one another. Don’t get me wrong, y’all fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day there is a beautiful, tender bond between the three of you that will never be broken.

Then there is you daddy. Your daddy who loves to wrestle you and do all the boy things you love that frankly the girls and I will never do. While you are a mama’s boy through and through, I love to see how your relationship with daddy is growing. Watching you two play t-ball, or sword fighting, or action heroes. It’s blessing to know that you have such an amazing, Godly man leading you.

Joseph, sweet boy, I pray that you would always know that you are so treasured, so loved, and so perfectly matched for our family. My prayer is that you cling to the Lord and follow Him all your days. That you grow in character, faith and leadership. That you are strong, but know that strength is always caring for those weaker than you.

I love you papi.



Joseph turns two today. Two years old. I’ve written before that having my girls turn two is so much harder than when they turned one. One happens. Two is a milestone. Joseph is no exception. My mama heart aches.


Dear Joseph {Joe Joe, Judea, Papa},

Oh sweet boy. There are not enough words in the world to describe how much I love you. You are a delight and a joy to our family. Even as you hit the infamous “terrible twos” and learn to bug your sisters {as only a little brother can}, we wouldn’t want anyone but you. You have a sense of humor and desire to make others laugh {clearly a trait you got from your dad}. Then your sweet snuggles that you seem to save just for me {and I hope you never shy away from}. And the way that you fiercely defend your sisters when you think they are hurt/in trouble/need help. You protect them with all your might, which you firmly believe is much bigger than it really is. But I love it. I love that you have a heart for your family and go to such great lengths at your young age to show your love.

As you get older and the ways of this world tug on you, my prayer for your life is that you strive after God even harder than before. That, just as you defend your sisters, you defend your heart. That you fight off the lies this world want to tell you, and instead cling to truth. I pray that you learn what it means to serve and love God wholeheartedly and that you live your life always wanting to reflect your Creator. And I pray that daddy and I have the wisdom on how to guide you on that path.

Joe Joe, I love you. You are my sweet, sweet boy. While you may only be two, I know the years are fleeting and far too soon you’ll be grown. It will be bittersweet, so for now I’m going to soak up all of it I can. And I’ll try not to get upset when you pull down your pants and pee all over the kitchen floor. Again.

Love you, love you, love you,


As of today, all three kids are out of the house for 5+ hours. 

photo (3)


*The heavens parted and angels sing*

Julia has on-campus school M/W. Hannah and Joseph’s preschool (aka Mother’s Day Out) started today, which also meets M/W. That leaves me kid-free from 9-2. Can I just tell ya, I haven’t been kid-free on this kind of basis since having kids? I’m just a little giddy

In fact, as of this morning, I’ve already worked out, my house is clean, and I drank my coffee in silence. Silence. Ahhh….

Now, I’m sure I’ll hear all those “You’ll miss these days. Just you wait…”

Yes. I will miss these days. I will miss the days when my babies are little. I will miss the days when Julia is convinced that I know everything, when Hannah thinks I am the most beautiful woman, and Joseph chooses me over anyone else.

Yes, I will miss these days.

But, honestly, having a reprieve twice a week helps keep this mama sane. We decided to have a classical education approach with Julia (and later with Hannah and Joe Joe) just so I/we could spend more time with them. So, as much as I know I will miss these days of having littles, I am really enjoying having some down time.

Besides, we all know come 2 o’clock, I’ll be itching to see my bambinos. I’m a softy like that.


Joseph in sunny San Diego with our friend Billy. We joked all week that Joseph and Billy have the same hair style.

Joseph turns 10 months old today.

10 months.

That means in two months he’ll be 1 year old.

This is going way too fast for me.

The last month has been such a fun time for the little man. On August 11, Joseph took his first steps. He’s now taking three and four steps at a time; making his way between me, one of the girls, Jonathan, Jack and furniture. I can’t get over how mobile he is becoming. Frankly, I now fully see the difference between boys and girls. The girls have always been adventurous {or so I think}, but Joseph is a dare devil. Put him in the middle of complete crazy and he is on cloud nine. Clearly, he was born into the right family. 😉

The girls head back to school tomorrow and I am looking forward to one on one time with Joseph. Though, I’m worried he’s going to find me very boring in comparison to the girls. Maybe I’ll need to build an indoor jungle gym to keep my “coolest mama” status.

Amy at Finer Things is doing one of my favorite link ups – birth stories in honor of Labor Day {ha! get it? labor day}.

I love birth stories. Just hearing about babies being born brings a smile to my face all day. I have a dream of becoming a doula and having the priviledge of helping other mamas during their labor and delivery.

So in the spirit of Labor Day, here are my three birth stories ::

Julia Mabel – Born November 2007. My first labor and ironically my shortest…

Hannah Michelle – Born June 2009. My biggest baby, who now has the biggest personality.

Joseph Judea – Born November 2011. My sweet boy and ironically my longest and scariest labor.

Each labor and delivery has been a different but wonderful experience. I find it hilarious that my labors have actually gotten longer rather than shorter each time. I’ve even joked that I don’t want another baby because I’m not up for a 20+ hour labor. Ha! Well, there is a little truth behind that statement…

Be sure to check out Amy’s link up and read other great labor stories.

Whew. Maybe I should don the moniker “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”.

But moving on, let’s talk about what’s been going on around these parts. Last week, the kids and I decided to go park hunting. What’s park hunting you ask? Well, that’s when you drive around town looking for the best park.

The idea was more fun than the execution. Before we even left our neighborhood, the girls lamented that they were starving. We pushed through with snacks and the promise of fun. The first park we found proved promising. But the 100* weather and rumbling stomachs started to get the better of us. We abandoned ship and went in search of food.

There was much rejoicing when we chose Homeslice Pizza. A favorite of mine, this was the girls’ first experience. They were amazed at being given a slice of pizza that was the size of their heads.

The trip to Homeslice proved to be a thousand times better than any park scene. Which further proves that my children take after me and enjoy good food to just about anything. And if that food is pizza? Even better.

While eating lunch, we spotted this ::

Oh you know, just some people walking their horses through Austin. Just another reason I think Austin is the coolest. Also? That restaurant in the background {Guero’s} has some pretty rockin’ good Mexican food. Just random information if you ever find yourself on South Congress.

We washed our pizza down with a sweetberry and Michael Jackson cupcake from Hey Cupcake!, winning me the Mom of the Year award.

All three kids passed out on our way home, transferred smoothly from the van to their beds, and we all took naps. Yeah, it was a good day.

{from top left}

1. Eureka!

2. I believe I just poo’d myself.


4. Hello, ladies.

My brother, John Clark, sent this collage via text this morning. It had me rolling. I just had to share for your enjoyment.

As of yesterday, Joseph started crawling.

For the last few weeks, he’s been getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth. Over the last week, he’s been really trying to move {and even stand} but with no success. I’ve heard before that once kids reach the point of rocking on all fours they are ready for crawling. Or not.

It’s funny to me, how vastly different children can be in there development. Julia was spot on the charts. Hannah was delayed. Joseph seems a tad early {from our family experience at least}. But in the end, they all learn.

I’m nervously excited about having a crawler. Excited that Joseph’s growing stronger and can be more interactive with his sisters. But nervous about having a boy crawler. I’ve always been told boys get into more trouble than girls, and since my girls get into a lot of trouble {meaning, they cause a lot of chaos} I’m a little concerned what more a boy can do… Flood the bathroom? Burn down the house? Shave the dog? Those seem to be the only things the girls haven’t done yet. Haha! I kid, I kid. Sorta….

What new adventures have you {or your family} had lately?

Visit Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking for more Try New Adventures Thursday.

Sweet baby Joseph Judea is six months old today.


Seriously, if the last six months haven’t flown by for you, they have for me. I mean, really, it seems like just the other day he was born. And now? Now he’s getting all big and teethy.

Joseph is such a sweet, lovable boy. He is eager with a smile and laugh for just about everyone he comes across. And as each day passes, I swear his cheeks get more kissable. Which makes him laugh hysterically, and makes me kiss him even more.

After what seemed like teething forever, Joseph’s bottom two teeth popped through about 3 weeks ago. I took this shot right after the first one came out. I haven’t attempted another picture, because every time I get this close to Joseph’s mouth, he tries eating the camera… or my hand.

Just after getting his two teeth, he started sitting up like a champ. It started off slowly, 20-30 seconds at a time, and has progressed to 10-15 minutes.

But sitting up just isn’t enough for my little man. He’s bound and determined to crawl. Joseph’s started getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. And lately, he’s been waking himself up at night to “rock”. I’ve heard before that kids will “practice” a skill they are trying to learn during the night, but I don’t remember it so much with the girls. But sure enough, Joseph has consistently woken up this week throughout the night, rocking back and forth, grunting trying to move forward.

The rocking almost always leads to this pose I like to call baby planking {and it cracks me up!} ::

I swear, sometimes I think he does it just to make fun of my planking form. But this boy has some strength to him! Typically, he’ll go from sitting, to all fours, to rocking, to plank. Makes me think that actually crawling isn’t too far off…

We just introduced food in the last week. At meal time, we’ve been giving Joseph “bites” of our food. I gave him a small piece of cottage cheese once at lunch, and then some black beans. He doesn’t actually eat any of it – just gums it pretty good and spits it out. Much like we did with Hannah, we plan to skip jarred foods with Joseph and just introduce table foods. It’s a slower process, but it’s proved well for our family before, so hopefully it will again.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on my blog, but having Joseph has been really healing for me. With his entrance into our family, his laid back attitude and the chance to enjoy having a little baby, I’ve been enjoying motherhood a lot more. But, with that, I’ve been seeing areas that need improvement {or more aptly put – less of me and more of Jesus}. Because Joseph could be our last child, I’ve started understanding how much more I need to cherish this time with him. And that has made me realize how much more I need to cherish my time with Julia and Hannah. Sadly, that doesn’t always come easily. I’m learning to enjoy being a mom – not just grin and bare it. Enjoy those moments of complete silliness, instead of seeing it as one more reason to make us late for an appointment. Enjoy those moments of rapid fire questioning, instead of dismissing them immediately. Enjoy those midnight {and 2 am, and 3 am, and again at 4 am} nursing sessions, as times to snuggle just a little bit more.

While life can feel really overwhelming right now, God knew that bringing Joseph into our family would be the final push for me to more fully surrender to Him. And it has been so good for my soul.

Joseph turned 4 months old today! It is his “golden” month – turning four months on the fourth!

This little man loves him some bath time. Without fail, he almost always pees while getting a bath. And without fail, I crack up every time. I’m not sure if that makes me as juvenile as a junior high kid, but I can’t help it. Perhaps it doesn’t help having two giggling girls either.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Sorry to all my non-Texan friends who are still in the throws of winter. Spring time has fully arrived here in our fair state. And while you might be hating me now, trust me, you will not envy the summer that we are sure to have.

Joseph celebrated his “golden” month by taking a trip to the Austin Kite Festival, followed by an evening spent swinging. We discovered that Joseph is quite the escape artist already, as he managed to get his arms out from under the swing’s safety straps every time we put them on. Tricky little boy…

Over the last couple of weeks, Joseph has “discovered” Jack. One afternoon, Jack got right up in his face; Joseph’s eyes got super big, he shook his head, and I am most certain the thought “holy smokes, what IS that thing?!?” crossed his mind. Since then, both of been pretty smitten. Joseph likes to have stare downs with Jack during tummy time. Jack is always obliging, especially if he can get a face lick in {which is what he was just about to do when I snapped that picture}. All you non-dog folk can go ahead and “ewww” all you like. Face licks in this house are a dime a dozen. Builds the immune system, or so I tell myself.

Joseph is by far our most laid back child. He’s content most of the time, giving us far more giggles and smiles then cries. He sleeps just like I’d expect any of my children to sleep, and I’m cherishing the nights we have together. He still gets into bed with us after his first nighttime feeding, and I love snuggling with him through the rest of the night. He’s had a little cold – runny nose, slight cough – and I think sleeping next to me has really helped keep him feeling safe and relaxed while his body is fighting the yuckies.

Other Joseph-isms ::

– he started rolling over right before he turned 3 months

– oddly enough, after showing us his new trick for several days {even letting us film it}, he’s completely boycotted rolling over

– after several mama-friends confirmed my belief, it does look like Joseph has a little tooth bud on his bottom right side


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