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Joseph Judea – 4 Months Old

Posted on: March 4, 2012

Joseph turned 4 months old today! It is his “golden” month – turning four months on the fourth!

This little man loves him some bath time. Without fail, he almost always pees while getting a bath. And without fail, I crack up every time. I’m not sure if that makes me as juvenile as a junior high kid, but I can’t help it. Perhaps it doesn’t help having two giggling girls either.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Sorry to all my non-Texan friends who are still in the throws of winter. Spring time has fully arrived here in our fair state. And while you might be hating me now, trust me, you will not envy the summer that we are sure to have.

Joseph celebrated his “golden” month by taking a trip to the Austin Kite Festival, followed by an evening spent swinging. We discovered that Joseph is quite the escape artist already, as he managed to get his arms out from under the swing’s safety straps every time we put them on. Tricky little boy…

Over the last couple of weeks, Joseph has “discovered” Jack. One afternoon, Jack got right up in his face; Joseph’s eyes got super big, he shook his head, and I am most certain the thought “holy smokes, what IS that thing?!?” crossed his mind. Since then, both of been pretty smitten. Joseph likes to have stare downs with Jack during tummy time. Jack is always obliging, especially if he can get a face lick in {which is what he was just about to do when I snapped that picture}. All you non-dog folk can go ahead and “ewww” all you like. Face licks in this house are a dime a dozen. Builds the immune system, or so I tell myself.

Joseph is by far our most laid back child. He’s content most of the time, giving us far more giggles and smiles then cries. He sleeps just like I’d expect any of my children to sleep, and I’m cherishing the nights we have together. He still gets into bed with us after his first nighttime feeding, and I love snuggling with him through the rest of the night. He’s had a little cold – runny nose, slight cough – and I think sleeping next to me has really helped keep him feeling safe and relaxed while his body is fighting the yuckies.

Other Joseph-isms ::

– he started rolling over right before he turned 3 months

– oddly enough, after showing us his new trick for several days {even letting us film it}, he’s completely boycotted rolling over

– after several mama-friends confirmed my belief, it does look like Joseph has a little tooth bud on his bottom right side


2 Responses to "Joseph Judea – 4 Months Old"

What a sweet and fun post about Joseph! It sounds like you are soaking up as much of him as you can 🙂

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