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We Have a Crawler! {Try New Adventures}

Posted on: May 17, 2012

As of yesterday, Joseph started crawling.

For the last few weeks, he’s been getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth. Over the last week, he’s been really trying to move {and even stand} but with no success. I’ve heard before that once kids reach the point of rocking on all fours they are ready for crawling. Or not.

It’s funny to me, how vastly different children can be in there development. Julia was spot on the charts. Hannah was delayed. Joseph seems a tad early {from our family experience at least}. But in the end, they all learn.

I’m nervously excited about having a crawler. Excited that Joseph’s growing stronger and can be more interactive with his sisters. But nervous about having a boy crawler. I’ve always been told boys get into more trouble than girls, and since my girls get into a lot of trouble {meaning, they cause a lot of chaos} I’m a little concerned what more a boy can do… Flood the bathroom? Burn down the house? Shave the dog? Those seem to be the only things the girls haven’t done yet. Haha! I kid, I kid. Sorta….

What new adventures have you {or your family} had lately?

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7 Responses to "We Have a Crawler! {Try New Adventures}"

How exciting!!! Please don’t waste time worrying until you get to see more of Joseph’s personality! It is one of my pet peeves when people who know nothing about Jackson throw him in that Boy category. Just like anything else, you can’t generalize that kind of thing. I know our second go ’round could be totally different, but Jackson definitely did not fit the “typical” Boy stereotype in terms of knocking things over and getting into everything. Good luck, and don’t worry about him until you see him getting into everything 😉

Dana, thanks for saying that. It feels me with a sense of dread that my sweet boy is bound to turn into a hellion that destroys the house at every turn. I mean, I expect a level of crazy, but not like people have been warning me about.

Wow!!! How old is he again? 7 months? 6 months!? He is a early crawler! Peter crawled at 7 months….crazy times. But fun. Definitely makes you work harder, though!

He’s 6 months. It seems super early to me that he’s already crawling. And today he was getting some speed too! Time to bring back out the baby gate! 🙂

Woa go J go! Maybe he just wants to get in there with the action. I’m not sure how he’ll be but Archer doesn’t actually get into tons of mischief. But, he was also a VERY late crawler (just before his birthday) and is so much like Chris-likes to sit back and observe the action. Either way he’s darn cute!

He totally wants in on the action! You can see it in his eyes. If the girls leave the room, he starts crying. Haha!

Every child is different. Definitely no “typical” behavior for a boy or girl. My son was wonderful, he listened, stopped getting into things if you said NO….he didn’t put everything in his mouth…developmentally he was right on target with the books, except for speech…he spoke in full sentences by 14 months and full adult conversations by 18 months. My daughter was a whole different story. She had hearing loss and a speech delay until she was almost a year old, then had surgery on her ears and BOOM! Talking a week later. She was crawling at 5 months, walking like a pro at 9 months, and into absolutely EVERYTHING. I’m talking female Tasmanian devil. You couldn’t tell her no. You could try, but she didn’t listen. You could be smacking one hand, and she’d be grabbing it again with the other. She loved to climb everything and as a result had quite a few bumps/bruises/scrapes. She didn’t cry when you took things away, raised your voice or told her no…she’d get mad as a hornet and keep on doing it. Almost daring you to stop her. Again. She put everything she touched into her mouth, and at 6 years old, still tries. Like I said, everyone is different…but these are my experiences.

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