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Our New House? Hope so!

Posted on: March 1, 2011

When we bought our last house, it dawned on us that we had inadvertently gotten into real estate – as that was our third property. It made sense, then, to buy again once we moved to Texas. However, there are a lot more options in Austin and narrowing down what/where we wanted proved to be a challenging task. So we made a list:

1. Good community

2. Good school district

3. Nearby park/pool

4. Close to downtown

5. Close to Jonathan’s work

6. Affordable – Turns out the houses closest to Jon’s work are not within our price range {by 300K’s+}.

7. Master bedroom on same level with kids’ room – Not something terribly common in homes here in Texas

8. Four bedrooms

9. Separate dining room

10. Decent size yard

It seemed that the more houses we looked at, the less we liked. Something was always off. Too much. Not enough. Needs repair. Too far away. The list went on. Then, last week, out of no where, Jon got an email from our realtor about a house. They set up a showing for the next day. Turns out, the house was in the neighborhood we wanted – but get this – down the street from two families we knew from our missional community! We looked back at our top ten list and realized that this house met every single need/want we had listed – plus some! The next day we put in an offer and the accepted it the next morning.

So…. if all goes as we are praying, come March 31st, this will be our new home:

Visit Amanda at Oh Amanda for more Top Ten Tuesday.

23 Responses to "Our New House? Hope so!"

Oh it’s so pretty Sarah!! Keep us updated!

Oh, it looks lovely! 🙂

Congratulations!! Praise God for answered prayers (and always)!!! 🙂

How exciting!!! I will keep my fingers crossed that everything works out 🙂

awesome!! it is so cute!

Exciting Sarah!!

Wonderful! However, I think the wrong families will be living close to you!! 🙂 JK! (It is still so sad to walk by your house and not see you all!)
When will you be ready for visitors?

Awww, that’s wonderful how it worked out! Congratulations!

I heard! Awesome, congrats! John says it’s around Slaughter and Mopac? So happy for yall!

Thanks everyone!!! I’ll keep y’all posted as things progress.

Angela – it is! It’s off Davis Ln on South Mopac, right close to Slaughter and William Cannon.

So funny. You can go a number of ways but the most direct route is S Mopac, R on Slaughter, R on Barstow, R on Ruxton.

It’s beautiful! Praying everything goes according to plan!

Great post! I hope you get it!

Nathan talked to Jonathan yesterday, so I got to see the interior, too. Just beautiful!

Your list is very similar to mine. #7 is very important to me. And walkability of the neighborhood.

Oh my goodness, that house is GORGEOUS! I so hope it works out for you guys!! Sounds like such the perfect place! 🙂

SO exciting! Can’t wait to see pictures of the inside. Keep us posted!

I know what you mean! As a native Texan, I understand the challenges you face when buying a home there. We’re building a home here in North Carolina(more pricey housing market) and the irony is that we would not have been able to afford building a home if we lived in Texas right now. That’s the hand of God! I’m excited for you!

For anyone that wanted to see the inside of the house, go here. http://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=704728&idx=1

Oh I pray that everything will work out perfectly for you all on this house. It looks so beautiful on the outside so I can just imagine how pretty it is on the inside.

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