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Since moving into our house, we’ve been talking about painting our front door. The biggest struggle was figuring out what color we wanted to use. Then about two weeks ago, I saw this ::

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I knew, just knew, that we needed to paint our door blue. After narrowing down our choices from 15+ paint options to 6, we finally went with this ::

I sanded and washed down the door. Then I spent Tuesday afternoon/evening painting and putting on new hardware. All. By. Myself. I am woman, hear my roar. I’ve never painted a door and I’ve never used exterior paint. I was pretty surprised at how quickly the paint dried, which made the process go much faster than I expected. Putting together the hardware proved to be the most time consuming. But with drill in hand, I got the dead bolt and lever installed with only a few hiccups along with way.

In person the color pops and is beautiful. Beautiful. And I love it.

But Jonathan isn’t a fan. He thinks it’s too bright and pops too much and doesn’t go with all the green around the outside. He wants to go with a darker blue {think navy blue}. Sorry to throw you under the blog bus babe, but, dear readers, here’s where you can help…

Do you think the color is too bright? 

We’ve agreed to leave the color for at least a month until I can add in some accents to make the colors flow together more. Until then, give me your honest opinion…

Should we stay with this color?

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Disclaimer :: I want to clarify that Jonathan and I aren’t  fighting about the door color. Any arguing points {which I wouldn’t even call it an arguing, but rather differing opinions} are all in good fun. It’s a door, after all.  

Actually, our house is anything but quite right now. We are still in the throws of unpacking and organizing the new house. But we don’t have Internet until Wednesday. I’m currently writing this from Jonathan’s iPad. Which is harder than I expected, since the app isn’t letting see as I type. {So let’s hope I get this right the first time ;)}

I promise I really do have some fabulous posts coming. Ranging from new adventures to an update on my 30 before 30. 

Stay tuned!

When we bought our last house, it dawned on us that we had inadvertently gotten into real estate – as that was our third property. It made sense, then, to buy again once we moved to Texas. However, there are a lot more options in Austin and narrowing down what/where we wanted proved to be a challenging task. So we made a list:

1. Good community

2. Good school district

3. Nearby park/pool

4. Close to downtown

5. Close to Jonathan’s work

6. Affordable – Turns out the houses closest to Jon’s work are not within our price range {by 300K’s+}.

7. Master bedroom on same level with kids’ room – Not something terribly common in homes here in Texas

8. Four bedrooms

9. Separate dining room

10. Decent size yard

It seemed that the more houses we looked at, the less we liked. Something was always off. Too much. Not enough. Needs repair. Too far away. The list went on. Then, last week, out of no where, Jon got an email from our realtor about a house. They set up a showing for the next day. Turns out, the house was in the neighborhood we wanted – but get this – down the street from two families we knew from our missional community! We looked back at our top ten list and realized that this house met every single need/want we had listed – plus some! The next day we put in an offer and the accepted it the next morning.

So…. if all goes as we are praying, come March 31st, this will be our new home:

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