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The Day a Mouse Drove Me Crazy

Posted on: February 28, 2011

When I was a child, my mom introduced me to Angelina Ballerina. The first book is Angelina and Alice; a precious story about two mice who are dancers and best friends. I remember loving it. A few weeks back, while at the library, I thought Julia might like Angelina and Alice, so we borrowed the book. Oh was I right.

She seems harmless, but she's not...*

From their first introduction, all Julia talks about is Angelina. All she wants to listen to is ballet music and dance “like Angelina”. All she wants to read is Angelina. All she wants to watch is Angelina {thanks PBS!}. Angelina. Angelina. Angelina.

One day last week we read through our 9 Angelina books 4 different times. Doesn’t seem too bad, right? But these aren’t small books. And typically Julia asks questions about each page {“Why is Angelina wearing a purple dress?” “Why is Angelina sad?” “Why is Angelina’s bike red?”}. So each session lasted about 30 minutes. Times four. That’s a lot of Angelina. Even for an avid reader like me. By the last reading session I had to put my foot down. Angelina was literally driving my crazy. I would read no more. Poor Julia was a bit heartbroken, but I made it up to her by letting her watch an episode of Angelina while I made dinner {told you she was obsessed}.

Since then, I’ve made an effort to set some reading rules. We can read all the books twice – once in the morning and once on the afternoon. Any other time, Julia can choose one or two, no more. Angelina is still driving me a bit crazy {mostly because it’d be nice to read any other book} but at least I’m not reading for two hours.

Maybe it’s time to look into audiobooks.

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5 Responses to "The Day a Mouse Drove Me Crazy"

What great books! I will have to keep these guidelines in mind as I’m sure we will soon enter the phase of wanting to read one book over and over and over. I guess at Archer’s age though most of the books are pretty short. The boy I used to nanny wanted to read only specific pages of specific little board books over and over again. I got to where I would just quote them all the time while we were playing or walking. Oh no now they are flooding back into my head. “Big h Little h. What begins with h? hungry horse, hen in hat. H…h….h. Mice in the moonlight. M….m…m” Ah Dr. Seuss’s ABC

“Big I little i, what begins with I? Ichy, ichy Ichabod. I, I, I.”

Oh yeah, we totally went through our Dr. Seuss’s ABCs phase. 😉

These mice are much better than the live type! 😀 😀
thankfully, Squishy has very short reading sessions so far! I love to read aloud, but Angelina books x 4 would for sure wear me out. :O

i’m almost scared to introduce them to belle 🙂 we made the rule that she can only get one book of each series when we go to the library. that way we have variety. but you better believe that her pics are the first in line when we read 🙂

I agree on the rule- I will keep reading, but not the same book twice in a row, not when we have so MANY!

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