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Christmas is less than two weeks away. It’s bittersweet, because I wish this time of year lasted longer than 4 weeks. But even without a calendar, I know it’s Christmas because ::

1. My house smells like a Christmas tree farm – Hmmm, mistletoe scented candles.

2. I have carols playing all day, every day – If the girls had their way, Jingle Bells and 12 Days of Christmas would be on repeat.

3. I made fudge at 2 in the afternoon, just because – Seriously you have to try Amy’s no fail peanut butter cocoa fudge.

4. I let mykids watch tv every night, because I want to watch all the Christmas cartoon classics – I’m a sucker for the Grinch.

5. My to-do list includes making 3 different types of desserts – I will not eat all of them, I will not eat all of them…

6. I find myself secretly wishing our family participated in Elf on the Shelf – while I think the elf is slightly creepy, I’ve seen some pretty awesome creativity on Facebook from my elfy friends.

7. My daughter promptly announces “Santa is dead” to a group of kids – yeah, we’re still working on the whole Santa is no longer alive but people still play Santa thing.

8. I spend extra time driving around at night just to look at lights.

9. I gain 10 pounds – thankfully this isn’t happening to me this year, a Christmas first.

10. I go shopping just because – I love be in the hussle and bussle of Christmas shopping when I don’t* have shopping to do. And these year, I don’t. Love it.

What makes it feel like Christmas to you?

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Since adding Joseph into the fold, I’ve realized life has gotten exponentially busier. And it didn’t take me long to realize that being mama to three is quite the feat. Kinda like playing an Olympic sport.

And I started wondering, if parenting were an Olympic game, which sports would there be?

1. Coffee Consumption – Measuring not only rate of consumption, but amount as well.

2. Sleepless Production – Measuring productive output based on lack of sleep.

3. Promptness – How close parent arrives at the time they said they would {I’m not winning this one anytime soon}.

4. Readiness – How long it takes to get out the door with three kids – everyone dressed, moms with make up on.

5. Day Preparedness – How prepared you are for getting poop off your baby, yourself and your car {which totally happened to me this last weekend}.

6. Juggling – Measuring ability to do fifteen things at once, without losing your mind.

7. Hosting – Measuring ability to host a holiday, without losing your mind.

8. Bathroom Quickness – How fast you can dart to the bathroom while the kids aren’t looking.

9. Conversation Holding – How long can you hold “adult” conversation without using the words “potty”, “naptime”, “binky”, etc.

10. Longevity – How long can you go re-wearing the same jeans before someone notices {I’m on week two…}.

Can we agree, all parents deserve gold metals?!? Yeah, we totally do.

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Have you met my good friend Pinterest? What’s that? A website can’t be a friend? Au contraire. Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration for me over the last couple of months.

1. Joseph’s name banner

2. Dry erase message board for the girls

3. Race bib display

4. Major awesome onesie for Joseph

5. Fall mantle decorations

6. Quote for the girls’ room {I printed out and framed}

{Pinterest via Jayme Roth Coonce}

7. S’mores, oh the s’mores

{Pinterest via Molly Weesner}

8. Peanut butter ice cream 

{Pinterest via Mandi Holcombe}

9. Cloth Wipes

10. Yummy, yummy pancakes 

{Pinterest via Tammie Mosley}

How has Pinterest inspired you lately?

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As I round out the end of this pregnancy {just over 2 weeks till EDD}, I’m finding myself grumbling a lot more. Joseph is determined to already prove he is different from his sisters, and as such, has brought on some random, highly uncomfortable, end of pregnancy issues I never dealt with during my previous pregnancies. But really, I have so much to be grateful for, that grumbling just doesn’t seem right. I loved Alicia’s gratitude post and thought I’d do my own.

1. Cooler weather {specifically cooler nights} and being able to leave our windows open.

{photo credit}

2. Good friends who threw a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower for us.

3. Jonathan’s new job – Oh yeah, did I forget to mention Jonathan got a new job? Well, he did. And now he’s working two days from home {score!!}.

4. My daughters – Their lives, their laughter, their overwhelming love for each other.

5. Starting my Bible Study Fellowship class last week.

6. Having the energy to make homemade bread {I highly recommend this recipe}

7. My mom and her mothering {even when you’re nearly 30, it’s still nice having a mom who looks after you}.

8. Getting all the finishing touches taken care of in Joseph’s room.

9. Listening to the girls sing.

10. Julia’s constant request to hear David Crowder Band How He Loves Us – and the reminder of just how much He really does love us.


What are you grateful for this week?


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Remember last week, that stupid comment I received from a lady at Chick-fil-A? After reading my post, my dear friend Leah, from A Momma on a Mission, had a brilliant idea :: What you should say to a pregnant mama.

A few things to keep in mind when dealing with a pregnant mama – she’s tired, she’s emotional, and most likely, she’s dreaming of a day when her belly fits into a shirt. And while I absolutely adore being pregnant {and have come to terms with all one billion stretch marks my children have given me}, a little tact while talking with people is much appreciated – especially from other mamas.

1. If you’ve asked a mama when she’s due {and please do this with care}, when she gives you her answer say “Wow! You look great for being X weeks along!” Please refrain from saying she looks bigger {or smaller} for how far along she is.

2. Don’t point out that she looks tired. She knows she looks tired, because she is tired. Instead, focus on something else. I recently had a friend say “Your hair looks amazing.” It was random, but it made me feel really pretty.

3. Always, always compliment a pregnant mama. Even if you don’t know her, stop her and tell her she looks nice. Go ahead and say “You look glowing.” Chances are good that one little comment will make her day.

4. If a pregnant mama already has kiddos running around her, it’s pretty likely she’s running even lower on energy than others. Don’t point out that fact {it’s like an oxy moron}. Try saying “Your children are beautiful!” or “Your children are delightful!” It might not be a compliment specifically about her, but really, it is.

5. Kindly offer a pregnant mama a sweet treat. But, please, don’t assume that all pregnant mamas eat chocolate all day and toss their nutritional sense out the window when those two pink lines appear. Yet, do realize that a salted caramel truffle can go a long way.

6. Sometimes {just sometimes} pregnant mamas might complain about how horrible they sleep. Don’t tell them it’ll just get worse when the baby comes. If they are veteran mamas, they already know that. If they are first time mamas, it’ll just discourage them. Instead, say these sweet, sweet words – “Go lay down while I clean/help with the kids.”

7. If you know a pregnant mama like me, she doesn’t like to feel like she’s a delicate being that should just sit around while others do all the work. Please ask her for help and make her feel useful. Just maybe don’t let her move furniture, or she’ll be dealing with some crazy Braxton Hicks contractions for days {uh, not that I’d know anything about that…}.

8. Tell her she’s blessed. Most mamas know just how blessed they are to have their babies to care for. But there are times that lack of sleep, aches and pains, along with tantrums, can make us forget just how great mamahood is. A friendly, meaningful “You are one blessed mama!” can make our days brighter.

9. “You’re doing a great job.” Oh, how I love those words. Whether it’s about my pregnancy, or my parenting, knowing that I’m doing my best, even when it doesn’t seem like it, makes me keep pushing through the tough times.

10. What is/was yours favorite thing to hear while you were pregnant?

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My creative juices are starting to slow down these days. Perhaps because I’m full on nesting {and being more creative in that arena}, I’m left with very little writing creativity. Top that off with my overwhelming need to sleep every single minute I can, I’m pretty much useless when it comes to thinking beyond the next three minutes – let alone a whole blog post. Thus, today, you’re going to learn more random factoids about me.

1. I’m really obsessed with pigtails right now – On the girls, on me, on Pinterest. Where ever. I am just really into pigtails. They look super adorable on the girls and frankly, they are an easy alternative to my every day ponytail.

2. I’m getting obsessed with running – I’ve been dreaming about it. Mapping out future runs. Downloading my playlist. In addition to my internal countdown to Joseph’s arrival, I’ve now started counting down to running. Seriously, I think I must be crazy.

3. I love chocolate milkshakes after delivering – Not sure if that’s TMI, but after I delivered both girls, I had chocolate milkshakes with every meal while I was in the hospital. I don’t know what it is with a good chocolate shake, but man I craved them. Thankfully, Culver’s is on our drive home from the birthing center, so I already have my milkshake hook up for post-delivery.

4. I almost bought the girls a cat – We went to Pet Smart for a “field trip” last week. They have an adoption center with several cats ready for adoption. There was one cat the girls really liked and my mama instinct / nurturing feeling was to get them one. Then my logical / Jonathan-would-trip-out instinct kicked in. No cat was adopted. At least not yet…

5. I am the worst roadie tag along – I will fall asleep in the car driving to the grocery store a mile away. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. Well, it’s a blessing when I need to sleep and a curse when Jonathan needs company on long drives.

6. I am the best roadie tag along at 3 in the morning – Along with not being able to stay awake in the car, I have this weird ability to drive through the middle of the night. Like that cruel 1am-5am shift. Seems counter intuitive, but for some reason I am most alert to drive during those times.

7. I cried during a Google commercial – It’s a really sweet commercial about a dad writing emails to his daughter as she gets older. Even thinking about it makes me teary eyed {watch it here :: Dear Sophie}

8. I drink out of the same Texas cup day after day – I got some plastic Texas Longhorn tumbler cups. I refuse to drink out of anything else right now. I just keep filling it with water and then rotate to a new cup every couple of days.

9. I packed Joseph’s diaper bag yesterday – Sure, I still have 5ish more weeks before it’s “go time”, but the diaper bag is packed. And my bag may or may not be partially packed too {don’t judge, I’m a planner}.

10. This blog post took way too much brain power – And now I need a nap.


What’s one random fact about yourself?

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While there are some pretty crazy, ridiculous things out there for babies that we mamas so don’t need {here’s my top ten unneeded items}, there are some that in my book are a must.

1. Baby Carrier – I highly, highly recommend baby wearing. Practically, it frees up your hands {a must when you have other kiddos to mother}, but there is no better feeling than having your baby snuggled up against you. Not to mention, babies love being held. Julia took her best naps in our carrier. Which was a huge blessing since she hated to nap. It’s like a win-win-win. Carriers can get expensive, so ask your mama friends what worked for them. Also, check out Katie’s review of different baby carriers she has tried out.

2. Swaddling Blankets – Show me a swaddled baby, and I’ll show you one happy camper. And while so many blankets call themselves “swaddle” blankets, the best are thin blankets about 42″ x 42″ {many in stores are only 36″ x 36″}. Also, I never found the swaddlers to be any better than just a blanket.

3. Sound Machine – While I did knock the soothing sound dolls, I have to say sound machines are a life saver. Especially if your husband likes to do construction on your house at 11pm.

{photo credit}

4. Baby Swing – The best thing about a swing is that they mimic the swaying motion that babies are so use to while in the womb. It comforts them to be rocked back and forth. And if you’re really fortunate, you’ll get a baby swing sleeper like Hannah. That girl lived in her swing for the first 2 months.

5. Rocking Chair/Glider – I love having a rocking chair. It makes for comfy nursing sessions {you can rock or prop your feet up}, plus the swaying will help sleepy ones sleep just a little longer.

6. Sleep Sacks / Sleep Sack Gowns – When we had Julia, I wanted her to always be in these really cute outfits. Then I realized just what a pain it was to change all those really cute outfits. With a sleep sack, you can get right to the goods {aka, dirty diaper} without having to undo much of anything, and some time baby will sleep right through it {you know, if they like sleep like Hannah does}. My personal favorites are the sleep sack gowns {open at the bottom}.

{photo credit}

7. Sippy Grip – By the 15th million time that your sweet little toddler throws their sippy cup on the floor of the car, you’ll be glad you to have a sippy grip. Then the sippy is always within reach.

{photo credit}

8. Wet Bag – While we got our wet bag for cloth diapers, I still use it for potty training and dealing with wet clothes. Blocks out the smell and keeps the wetness in {so you can toss it in your purse without getting everything else soaked}.

9. Bumbo Seat/Bebe Pod – My girls loved the Bebe Pod. It’s great for that almost-ready-to-sit-up-but-can’t-yet stage. However, never, ever put it on the counter. Ever.

{photo credit}

10. Nursing Tank – Having a nursing tank changed my nursing life. A tank keeps you from showing everyone your tummy/back while you’re nursing in public. And then there’s always the Yummie Tummie Skinny Nursing tank for those of you who wanna splurge on a skinny tank.

What are your essential baby items? Are there any on my list that you could live without?

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