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We’ve been cloth diapering for the last 3.5 years. We started when Julia was about 6 months old and haven’t looked back. There are so many things I love about cloth diapering, the biggest being my belief that it has helped with smooth potty training transitions.

But one cloth diapering aspect I’ve never tried is cloth wipes. It’s always been in the back of my mind, I just haven’t made the plunge. Until now.

This week I found a yard of fleece for $2 at Hobby Lobby. And while fleece isn’t the number one choice for cloth wipes {flannel or terry cloth are}, I figured I don’t have much to lose. And the fact that it’s an awesome deer print pretty much sold me {I’m a sucker for random, off the wall fabric}.

I measured our wipes box {which is 8″x4″} and then cut my fabric to fit the box accordingly. The best things about fleece is that you don’t have to sew it, since it won’t really fray. However, I found that the wipes seemed a tad too small, so I decided to sew two 8×4 pieces together.

They aren’t the prettiest things in the world, but they are for a baby’s bottom after all. They are super soft and I’m hoping they will do the trick.


Have you ever used cloth baby wipes?


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While there are some pretty crazy, ridiculous things out there for babies that we mamas so don’t need {here’s my top ten unneeded items}, there are some that in my book are a must.

1. Baby Carrier – I highly, highly recommend baby wearing. Practically, it frees up your hands {a must when you have other kiddos to mother}, but there is no better feeling than having your baby snuggled up against you. Not to mention, babies love being held. Julia took her best naps in our carrier. Which was a huge blessing since she hated to nap. It’s like a win-win-win. Carriers can get expensive, so ask your mama friends what worked for them. Also, check out Katie’s review of different baby carriers she has tried out.

2. Swaddling Blankets – Show me a swaddled baby, and I’ll show you one happy camper. And while so many blankets call themselves “swaddle” blankets, the best are thin blankets about 42″ x 42″ {many in stores are only 36″ x 36″}. Also, I never found the swaddlers to be any better than just a blanket.

3. Sound Machine – While I did knock the soothing sound dolls, I have to say sound machines are a life saver. Especially if your husband likes to do construction on your house at 11pm.

{photo credit}

4. Baby Swing – The best thing about a swing is that they mimic the swaying motion that babies are so use to while in the womb. It comforts them to be rocked back and forth. And if you’re really fortunate, you’ll get a baby swing sleeper like Hannah. That girl lived in her swing for the first 2 months.

5. Rocking Chair/Glider – I love having a rocking chair. It makes for comfy nursing sessions {you can rock or prop your feet up}, plus the swaying will help sleepy ones sleep just a little longer.

6. Sleep Sacks / Sleep Sack Gowns – When we had Julia, I wanted her to always be in these really cute outfits. Then I realized just what a pain it was to change all those really cute outfits. With a sleep sack, you can get right to the goods {aka, dirty diaper} without having to undo much of anything, and some time baby will sleep right through it {you know, if they like sleep like Hannah does}. My personal favorites are the sleep sack gowns {open at the bottom}.

{photo credit}

7. Sippy Grip – By the 15th million time that your sweet little toddler throws their sippy cup on the floor of the car, you’ll be glad you to have a sippy grip. Then the sippy is always within reach.

{photo credit}

8. Wet Bag – While we got our wet bag for cloth diapers, I still use it for potty training and dealing with wet clothes. Blocks out the smell and keeps the wetness in {so you can toss it in your purse without getting everything else soaked}.

9. Bumbo Seat/Bebe Pod – My girls loved the Bebe Pod. It’s great for that almost-ready-to-sit-up-but-can’t-yet stage. However, never, ever put it on the counter. Ever.

{photo credit}

10. Nursing Tank – Having a nursing tank changed my nursing life. A tank keeps you from showing everyone your tummy/back while you’re nursing in public. And then there’s always the Yummie Tummie Skinny Nursing tank for those of you who wanna splurge on a skinny tank.

What are your essential baby items? Are there any on my list that you could live without?

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When I had Julia in 2007, I was blessed to have a group of moms to help me navigate the baby registry. They saved my pocketbook, and the pocketbook of a lot of family/friends, from buying ridiculous unneeded baby items. But even with my friends to help me, I still made some only-used-once purchases. I figured I’d pass along my top ten most unneeded baby items.

1. Boppy Pillow – While good in theory, the Boppy pillow did nothing for me. I had to sit in a armless, backless chair in order for it to ever work they way I think it was intended.

{photo credit}

2. Diaper Genie – I don’t dislike the Genie just because we cloth diaper. Before we started cloth diapering, we used it and for the life of me the thing never worked. The diapers would get stuck at the top and the bags were ridiculous to take out. Maybe I’m just baby item challenged.

{photo credit}

3. Dreft Laundry Soap – What’s the point in special baby soap? I figure a good free and clear laundry soap does the job just fine.

4. Wipe Warmers – This was an item we debated on adding to our registry. But then a good friend asked what we’d do to wipe little Julia’s bottom when we don’t have a warmer. Hmmm….

{photo credit}

5. Shopping Cart Seats – I’m a minimalist. I can easily forget to take my purse to the store, let alone a cart cover.

{photo credit}

6. Too Hot Ducky – Can’t you just tell the water is too hot from feeling it?

{photo credit}

7. Doorway Jumper – We got a hand-me-down jumper for Julia. She used it all of 2 times.

{photo credit}

8. Sectioned Plates – Perhaps we don’t eat out much. Or perhaps I just always fed the girls from my own plate. But I can’t recall using our sectional plates for either girls. Even now, at 3 and 2, they don’t use them.

9 . Soothing Sound Dolls – I do love the soothing bear that we got while pregnant with Julia. It’s really adorable. But the soothing sounds did nothing for Julia or Hannah. If you want real soothing sounds, get a good sound machine. You will use it. All. The. Time.

10. Gender Specific Nursery – Not only am I a minimalist, I’m not a fan of nurseries in the traditional sense. Sure, I love me some cute pictures and stuffed animals. But I just don’t get an entire theme for an infant. Top that off with a gender theme and you’ve lost me.


What do you think are unneeded baby items? Were any items on my list a “must have” for you?


Next week I’ll be sharing my Top Ten Needed Baby Items. 


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