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With great confidence, I knew what we were going to name Julia and Hannah. In fact, Julia was “named” 3+ years before she was born. And Hannah was named while we were still pregnant with Julia. Their middle names did give us some trouble, but even so, they seemed so much easier than trying to name Baby Boy.

Baby Boy. It has a sweet ring to it, huh? And while I don’t mind referring to him as Baby Boy, it turns out that the government does actually want you to give your child a name once they are born. You know, so they can be registered as person and all. Which means, we really should come up with a name other than Baby Boy.

And so we have ::

Joseph Windham. Sounds sweeter than Baby Boy, don’t ya think?

Joseph was Hannah’s “boy name” choice. We had others in the running, but once we decided on Joseph, we kept a pretty tight lid on it. Then when we got pregnant with Baby Boy, Joseph surfaced again. Joseph means “Jehovah increases“. Aside from the Biblical aspect of the name, my brother Fletcher’s first name is Joseph.

Come the next 6weeks, when Baby Boy Joseph makes his way into this world, he’ll have a name. Albeit, just a first name, since we still can’t decide on a middle name….

What’s your Friday Joy?

We’ve been cloth diapering for the last 3.5 years. We started when Julia was about 6 months old and haven’t looked back. There are so many things I love about cloth diapering, the biggest being my belief that it has helped with smooth potty training transitions.

But one cloth diapering aspect I’ve never tried is cloth wipes. It’s always been in the back of my mind, I just haven’t made the plunge. Until now.

This week I found a yard of fleece for $2 at Hobby Lobby. And while fleece isn’t the number one choice for cloth wipes {flannel or terry cloth are}, I figured I don’t have much to lose. And the fact that it’s an awesome deer print pretty much sold me {I’m a sucker for random, off the wall fabric}.

I measured our wipes box {which is 8″x4″} and then cut my fabric to fit the box accordingly. The best things about fleece is that you don’t have to sew it, since it won’t really fray. However, I found that the wipes seemed a tad too small, so I decided to sew two 8×4 pieces together.

They aren’t the prettiest things in the world, but they are for a baby’s bottom after all. They are super soft and I’m hoping they will do the trick.


Have you ever used cloth baby wipes?


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A while back I made my top ten “nesting” list. While I didn’t call it nesting at the time, I’m pretty certain that is what I should call it. Literally overnight, I went from very blase to complete nester. Seriously, if I could spend all day, every day, preparing for Baby Boy’s arrival I would. Anyways, I’ve been chipping away at my list. Last night, after weeks of pestering kindly asking only once, Jonathan hung my purse hook.

Already I’m loving it. Knowing that my purse is out of reach from little hands and not cluttering the counter or floor has given me this sense of accomplishment. Despite the fact that the only effort I put forth was buying the hook. Still, it has been checked off the list.

I am nearly done with painting Baby Boy’s changing table. I’ve hit a small snag with the weather. Since I’m painting outside {too ensure maximum air circulation}, the temperature has too be below 90. Seems easy, right? Well, since yesterday’s high was 111* and it was 90* by 9am, I’m working with limited time. I’ve been trying to get out there by 7:30am, but then my morning gets thrown off. For now, his changing table stands in our backyard, almost completed, collecting leaves.

What fun projects have you done lately?



Today marks 25 weeks of Baby Boy’s life. Amazing. In just a mere 15{ish} weeks, he will be here in all his infant cuteness.

Baby Boy has been quite active. And perhaps the old wives tale is proving true that boys sit lower, because Baby Boy’s kicks, punches, and moves are all quite a bit lower than his sisters’ ever were. Rarely does he make his way up into my rib cage area {unlike two other little ones I know}.

As each day passes, I get more and more excited about having Baby Boy here with us outside of my womb. He even already has his first outfit {a Nike sweatsuit… just guess who bought that} and the girls and I picked out a cute little touch and feel truck book at our library’s book sale. Before we know it, he’ll be here!

What is your Friday joy? 

In the last two weeks, I’ve started tossing and turning more and more as I sleep. Then, like a bolt of lighting, my sciatica has reared it’s ugly face making hip pain a major problem at night. I’m like the Princess and the Pea. I can feel every lump, bump, and hump in our bed no matter how many pillows I use. And when I get up, I limp around like an old man until my sciatica lightens up. It’s left me extra tired and wondering if the remainder of my pregnancy will be spent sleeping in the lazy boy.

And then I found this:

{Cozy Comfort Pillow}

Just looking at this picture makes me want to take a nap. A giant pillow to snuggle on that supports all the right places. Mama likes.

The only set back I’ve found is that it’s $69. Which I don’t want to spend on a pillow. But it sure is tempting at after a night of tossing and turning.

I’ve positioned my pillows so they mimic the Cozy Comfort, but unfortunately, they move around too much. And my tried and true methods from Julia and Hannah’s pregnancies aren’t seeming to work this time around, as Baby Boy is sitting a lot lower than either of the girls, making for some new adjustments. Sigh.  Perhaps I can get a large mattress cover and make my own Cozy Comfort? After all, it’s just a big pillow with a whole in it. How hard can it be to make?

If you’re pregnant, or have ever been pregnant, what’s your favorite sleep positions and pillows?