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25 Weeks – Friday Joy

Posted on: July 22, 2011

Today marks 25 weeks of Baby Boy’s life. Amazing. In just a mere 15{ish} weeks, he will be here in all his infant cuteness.

Baby Boy has been quite active. And perhaps the old wives tale is proving true that boys sit lower, because Baby Boy’s kicks, punches, and moves are all quite a bit lower than his sisters’ ever were. Rarely does he make his way up into my rib cage area {unlike two other little ones I know}.

As each day passes, I get more and more excited about having Baby Boy here with us outside of my womb. He even already has his first outfit {a Nike sweatsuit… just guess who bought that} and the girls and I picked out a cute little touch and feel truck book at our library’s book sale. Before we know it, he’ll be here!

What is your Friday joy?Β 

15 Responses to "25 Weeks – Friday Joy"

This photo gave me the baby itch all over again and Si is only 6 months! Boys are just in a class of there own, from conception until! and that’s probably why, if God blessed us again quickly, I wouldn’t mind it because they truly are EASY. You look beautiful and I am so happy for your new blessing!

They become more difficult later on after they turn 1. Boys are a joy though.

So so happy and excited for you!! Can’t wait to see your bundle of joy!

You look great, Sarah! Wish I could see that belly in person!

You’re so beautiful. Baby boys are so fun!

Looking fabulous Sarah! I like your new couches too! πŸ™‚ I don’t have anything to compare to, but Hudson’s movements were always low. I don’t remember ever feeling much up in my rib cage, and I didn’t ever really feel short of breath either.

I only have one daughter so I’m excited to maybe one day experience a boy pregnancy too. My Friday joy is extended family. Not only do I have amazing parents but phenomenal in-laws too :).

I adore this photo of you. You’re absolutely beautiful and I LOVE your belly! It makes me want another big belly around here. Archer sat pretty low until then end when he went head down then he put his feet up in my ribs ALL the time, then again he was 22 inches at birth so those feet had no where to go. My Friday joy is unexpected sunshine and returning to mom’s group after 3 weeks!

Oh and I love those couches, noticed them in the reading nook post.

You look gorgeous Sarah. So excited for you and can’t wait until baby boy is here! I 2nd or 3rd the comment about the couches. πŸ™‚ My Friday joy is having a new home that has air conditioning!!!

Thanks guys! Hopefully I’ll be a little more proactive about taking more pictures. πŸ˜‰

And we love the couches. Actually had them in Iowa, but they were in the basement so got little use. But they are pretty stain proof and the seats and backs don’t come off {i.e. kid proof}. Nice.

You look so beautiful! I’ve very excited for you and your family!

My Friday joy is the 8.7 mile run I accomplished this morning in 80 degree temperatures with 98% humidity. It was like running in an oven! And…my joy continued when I got to take a nap all snuggled up with my girls. LOVE days like this!! πŸ™‚

You look great, Sarah! I hope you do keep posting more pictures–always fun to watch a cute baby boy belly grow πŸ™‚

Congratulations! I saw your comment on Jon Acuff’s post about blog traffic and was moved! I’m glad I had a chance to visit your blog!

~Ashley “The Spirited Nerd”

Oh you look so cute!! I know you are so excited and looking so forward to welcoming your new baby boy into the world!!

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