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Purse Hook and Other Acts of Creativity

Posted on: August 29, 2011

A while back I made my top ten “nesting” list. While I didn’t call it nesting at the time, I’m pretty certain that is what I should call it. Literally overnight, I went from very blase to complete nester. Seriously, if I could spend all day, every day, preparing for Baby Boy’s arrival I would. Anyways, I’ve been chipping away at my list. Last night, after weeks of pestering kindly asking only once, Jonathan hung my purse hook.

Already I’m loving it. Knowing that my purse is out of reach from little hands and not cluttering the counter or floor has given me this sense of accomplishment. Despite the fact that the only effort I put forth was buying the hook. Still, it has been checked off the list.

I am nearly done with painting Baby Boy’s changing table. I’ve hit a small snag with the weather. Since I’m painting outside {too ensure maximum air circulation}, the temperature has too be below 90. Seems easy, right? Well, since yesterday’s high was 111* and it was 90* by 9am, I’m working with limited time. I’ve been trying to get out there by 7:30am, but then my morning gets thrown off. For now, his changing table stands in our backyard, almost completed, collecting leaves.

What fun projects have you done lately?



4 Responses to "Purse Hook and Other Acts of Creativity"

Cute purse hook! I’m not sure I’d be able to find one strong enough to hold the suitcase I feel like I’m always lugging around. It’s no wonder I have back problems. Ha! 🙂 You’ll have to post pictures of baby boy’s changing table when you finish.

Have a great day!

That purse hook is handy! I hang my (huge diaper) bags in our hall closet, but someday when I go back to a purse I love this idea.

I haven’t been doing anything creative lately but Archer and I have been outside a LOT enjoying the sun before it goes away. Perhaps when the rain comes back I can craft. I’ve got my eyes on a few pinterest projects.

I love the purse hook! Short of hiding mine in a cabinet, nothing keeps little hands out of mine…a hook is a good idea! 🙂 That’s crazy how hot it’s been there! I hope you get some cooler weather soon!

Wow you have been really busy! I love the hook. What a great way to have your purse or bag neat and organized and out of the way. Great idea!!

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