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South Padre Trip, Jonathan’s Birthday and More Vacation Time – Friday Joy

Posted on: August 26, 2011

Last weekend we drove down to South Padre Island, Texas. While our trip had been planned for a while, I hadn’t told many people just because I wanted it to feel more like a getaway. Granted no trip with a 3-yo and 2-yo will really feel like a getaway, it was still very nice sitting back on the beach with our only worry being what time we eat.

Beautiful, huh?

The girls had a blast. When we first arrived, we had several hours before our hotel check in. We went straight to the beach {without swimsuits} and this is what happened ::

Completely clothed, the girls jumped right on into the water. They loved having the waves crash over them and digging their little toes into the sand. I’m certain it is a memory that will stay with them for years.

Jonathan’s birthday is tomorrow. While he said he doesn’t want to do anything major, we do have some fun events planned. This morning we’re headed for Marble Falls, Texas to visit the Southern Living Idea Home. While that might not sound as awesome as it is, you should totally check out their virtual tour. Then you’ll understand. Tonight we’re going to see musician David Rameriz perform. It’s a live recording of his next album, so will be doubly good. Saturday I have some neat little surprises for him {did you read that Jonny?}.

Our family still has the entire weekend and Monday with Jonathan at home. It’s been so nice and relaxing just being at the house with no real agenda and extra family time.

What are your Friday Joys?

6 Responses to "South Padre Trip, Jonathan’s Birthday and More Vacation Time – Friday Joy"

That sounds wonderful! So glad you have been able to enjoy it and still have more fun planned!

Ok, I know Jonathan’s bday is tomorrow and we are more happy with each passing day he is our “son-in-love” but… I have to say that David and I are the most blessed grandparents in the whole world. With all 6 (almost 7) grandbabies we are constantly amazed at how much we love them. And might I just mention that the 4 girls, whose pics have been posted several times over the last few weeks, are the most beautiful of any on earth!! We miss you all so much!! Glad you are having some fun. You all needed it. Love you lots from Mom and Grandpa Dave.

What a great vacation, I’m sure the girls will remember getting in ocean in their clothes! We went to Port Royal a few summers when my sister and I were little and we always ran right out to the beach too.

Sounds like a fun birthday celebration for Jon, that house is AMAZING!

My Friday joy is returning to my mom’s group and sun sun sun!!

How fun and relaxing! I’m so glad you included pictures…because last time I was playing in the ocean at South Padre Island, Texas I was probably about 7 or 8 yrs old and had flown into Houston to visit my dad for the summer. All I remember of that vacation was an enormous amount of black tar getting stuck to all of our beach gear. I’ve heard it’s been cleaned up significantly since then and looks beautiful in the pictures you’ve posted. Enjoy the rest of your family time! Hope you’re feeling fabulous these days.


definitely a Friday joy 🙂

I hope Jonathon has such a blessed birthday!! It sounds like you all are having such an awesome time!!

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