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I have some really awesome posts for y’all. But, they are sitting in my queue and will be there for at least another week. Sorry to disappoint. We are leaving tomorrow for vacation to San Diego. It will be a lovely, lovely time {if only because of the weather}. But, the getting ready part? Not so lovely.

Jonathan got word Tuesday afternoon that he needed to leave the next day for a 2-day business trip. He’s been gone since Wednesday afternoon and comes back around midnight tonight. Which means I’m on my own to pack for myself and 3 kids, clean house, get Jack situated, and prepare the family to be gone for a week. Whew.

I’ve been checking my list over and over again, making sure we have everything we need. Oh, did a mention I’m not going to be here until right before we leave tomorrow? Yeah. I have a women’s overnight retreat tonight, so I have to make sure everything is ready to go before 7 pm. We Windhams sure know how to make hectic even busier, huh?

I am so ready for the beach.

Last weekend we drove down to South Padre Island, Texas. While our trip had been planned for a while, I hadn’t told many people just because I wanted it to feel more like a getaway. Granted no trip with a 3-yo and 2-yo will really feel like a getaway, it was still very nice sitting back on the beach with our only worry being what time we eat.

Beautiful, huh?

The girls had a blast. When we first arrived, we had several hours before our hotel check in. We went straight to the beach {without swimsuits} and this is what happened ::

Completely clothed, the girls jumped right on into the water. They loved having the waves crash over them and digging their little toes into the sand. I’m certain it is a memory that will stay with them for years.

Jonathan’s birthday is tomorrow. While he said he doesn’t want to do anything major, we do have some fun events planned. This morning we’re headed for Marble Falls, Texas to visit the Southern Living Idea Home. While that might not sound as awesome as it is, you should totally check out their virtual tour. Then you’ll understand. Tonight we’re going to see musician David Rameriz perform. It’s a live recording of his next album, so will be doubly good. Saturday I have some neat little surprises for him {did you read that Jonny?}.

Our family still has the entire weekend and Monday with Jonathan at home. It’s been so nice and relaxing just being at the house with no real agenda and extra family time.

What are your Friday Joys?