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The Perfect Green Smoothie

Posted on: August 4, 2011

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I love green smoothies. There’s just something about drinking vegetables and fruit that makes me feel like I’m my own personal health guru.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been on a mission to eat plenty of vegetables throughout the day. I’ve been finding it challenging to do that at breakfast, because, really, who wants to eat a salad? Not me. In steps a green smoothie. I can get in some romaine lettuce and kale without ever tasting it.

I took an adapted version of this recipe, adding kale and lettuce instead of spinach, and came up with my own green smoothie ::

I used plain yogurt, half an apple, half a banana, a handful of grapes and then several bunches of kale and romaine lettuce. Blend until smooth and eat.

I don’t tend to measure out my ingredients for smoothies, just eye ball what I think will be tasty. I did try adding juice, instead of yogurt. The consistency was fine, but I figure yogurt has a lot more protein, and a lot less sugar, than juice so I went back to just yogurt. All in all, it’s turned out to be a pretty tasty {and very filling!} recipe.

Have you tried your own green smoothies? 

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7 Responses to "The Perfect Green Smoothie"

We’ve tried green smoothies before, but our blender isn’t quite up to par and the texture could be a bit off. Now we use carrot juice in our smoothies, so we’re still getting some benefits of veggies.

As you know I like me some green smoothie and it is a great way to start the day with greens. I love the yogurt addition because it is more filling. Grapes too?! I never thought of that, great idea thanks for sharing!

The grapes are a great addition! They help give it more of a green look, rather than using other fruits.

And I’m all over yogurt over juice. Just because it seems more filling for the same calories {plus you can’t beat the protein!}.

Yummy! I haven’t been making smoothies lately because I had SO many during my 1st trimester and I’m a tad burned out. But I’d really like to get more veggies in.
And can I just say that I love drinking out of canning jars?
Love, Alicia

A couple of years ago, a lot of our cups started cracking and I bought several cases of mason jars to use instead. I love them. Oh, so much.

Thanks for the recipe! (another good recipe: not a smoothie though…. yogurt, sliced bananas,sliced strawberries and sliced grapes)

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