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Top Ten Things I Love on Pinterest

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Have you heard of Pinterest? Pinterest’s tagline is “a place to catalog the things you love”. And that, my friends, is exactly what it is.

Pinterest is set up so that you have different boards, where you pin things you love. Think of it as a cork board, where you “pin up” ideas, recipes, crafts, whatever you fancy, so you can refer to it later. It’s purely ingenious. Oh how I love Pinterest so. Especially the recipes… I could drool for hours.

Here are my top ten favorite pins:

1. S’more Nachos

2. The Babe with the Power Onesie – a great throwback to Labyrinth and totally something Baby Boy needs

3. Not By Coffee Alone – my personal mantra

4. Pillowcase storage – I so need to do this to my linen closet

5. Wrap made from one square yard – Talk about easy and adorable

6. Easy eggs for Egg McMuffins

7. Melting Snowman Cookies – Ok, I know we are no where near Christmas, but c’mon, this is fantastic

8. Homemade Liquid Soap from Bar Soap

9. Head Scarf Tie – I did this yesterday and it was really adorable!

10. Nutella Cookies – ‘Nuf said

Are you on Pinterest? If so, do you love it or what?! If not, join. Now! 

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18 Responses to "Top Ten Things I Love on Pinterest"

Oh, Pinterest how I love thee!

I often refer to Pinterest as the Demon Seed…. but oh, how I love it so! I am completely addicted. I pin every day, several times a day!

Thanks for including my S’more Nachos in your list. I love pinterest too. So many fun ideas to try!

I’m not sure why my name showed up as peanut butter and jelly!

That’s pretty funny! I haven’t tried the nachos yet, but I am going to this weekend, cause really, how awesome is s’more nachos?! 🙂

Great Pinterest finds!

I signed up yesterday but my invite hasn’t come yet. I have a feeling it’s a blessing in disguise, because it may consume me. I’m at home, left to entertain myself for the next five weeks, so it’s probably breeding ground for a pinterest addiction.

Plus, s’mores nachos? That is seriously amazing.

Kelsey, oddly enough, I never received a real Pinterest invite. I signed up for it a while back and it never came. I just get to it through logging on via twitter. You can do that option under “log in”. I mean…. um, wait for your invite…. you know, so you don’t waste time…

I’m so addicted!

I’m starting to get the hang of Pinterest. It’s taken a bit, but I think I’m finding my love for it. By the way, the smore nachos look delicious!!! I’ll have to find you in Pinterest to see what other fabulous things you’ve discovered. 🙂


I love Pinterest, too! Such cute things you have showed us here!

These ideas are awesome, I especially love the head scarf tie thing! 🙂

I’ve never been on it before, but everything you have on this list makes me happy! So much creativity and what fun ideas. The melting snowman cookie is completely brilliant! And the head scarf is cute (note to self: need to try that) and the pillow case storage just makes so much sense!

I’ve never been on pinterest before. I started to look at it once but got distracted my something else. ;-p But I had to say YUM!! About the smores nachos! I’ll have to try that. Turns out I have all the ingredience! Also I love The Babe with The Power shirt!! Where was that when my son was a baby. =D Favorite movie. And the snowman cookie is great too!! I teach pre shcool and that will be used next December. And I’ll try starting this new Pinterest addiction soon. 😉

The babe with the power. The power of what? The power of voodoo. Who do? Do what? Remind me of the babe.
Obvs, I love that movie a little too much and now need to have another baby to adorn in that most awesome of onesies:)

It is an awesome movie! I love it! And totally need to get this onesie, cause it will make me laugh every time I see it.

When I get back to Seattle I might just get in and start pinning. I tried it once but kinda didn’t get it, however that’s how I first felt about Twitter too and if you follow me you know how that goes. I LOVE the onesie and headscarf, and the nutella cookies, and and and….

Love the smore nacho idea and the coffee sign is awesome. Pinterest is my newest addiction. 🙂

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