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I love movies. And TV. And pretty much anything else that provides entertainment. But, even though I love movies/TV, I’m pretty picky. I don’t like scary movies, or overly dramatic TV {think Grey’s Anatomy}. I prefer my TV to be funny and my movies to either have action or romantic humor.

I tend to watch my favorite movies and shows over and over again. One summer, I watched You’ve Got Mail every day. That ain’t no joke. Literally, every day. Here are some of my favorite {most used} movie/show quotes ::

1. hello, mcfly – Back to the Future

2. can you deal with that? – Meet the Parents

3. not that there’s anything wrong with that – Seinfeld

4. there’s no crying in baseball – A League of Their Own

5. you’re killing me smalls – Sandlot

Funny enough, I say those last two quotes to Julia and Hannah so much that I think they have them memorized.

Do you have a favorite movie quote? 

Top Ten {Tuesday}I love movies. Lots and lots. And once I fall in love with a movie, I tend to watch it several times {ok, probably more than that}. With that comes memorizing scenes and favorite quotes. Typically, my favorite quotes are random, and, depending on who you ask, I might over use them.


1. Not a finger! {A Christmas Story}


2. Matchy-matchy green squared! {Return to Me}


3. Miss you already! {The Bachelor  – the movie not the show}


4. That’s shocking. {Elf}


5. Think, McFly. Think. {Back to the Future}


6. Just call me Joe. {You’ve Got Mail}


7. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. {Seinfeld – ok, so not a movie, but still a favorite quote}


8. Marriage is what brings us together today. {The Princess Bride}


9. I want to go to there. {30 Rock – again, not a movie, but again a favorite all the same}


10. So far, this is not blowing up my skirt. {True Lies}



What are your favorite movie quotes? I’m sure I have a slew more, but these are what came to me first. 


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Top Ten {Tuesday}Much like my love of television, I really love movies. And with the exception of most rated R movies {containing gratuitous language and scenes} I like a wide variety of movies. I mean, I’m the girl whose owns The Adventures of Ociee Nash and Ocean’s Eleven. So, my taste is certainly all my own. While we have seen our fair share of movies in the last year, there are still several more that I’d like to see.

1. True Grit {1969} – While technically I’ve seen this {forced by my parents, I should add} I actually don’t recall any of it and it seems pretty good.

2. True Grit {2010}

3. Les Miserables {1998} – I’ve read the book, but recently seeing a video clip has made me really want to see the movie.

4. Waiting for Superman {2010} – I have a soft spot for documentaries, and this one just looks fabulous.

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 {2011} – Need I say more?

6. Winnie the Pooh {2011} – Who doesn’t want to see a lovable bear and his friends?

7. The First Grader {2010} – While not a documentary, this true story is still very compelling.

8. Transformers 3 {2011} – I don’t even know what to say. Sometimes you just need a good, mindless, action movie.

9. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader {2010}

10. You’ve Got Mail {1998} – Ok, I’ve seen this movie too many times to admit. But it’s really cute and I really want to re-watch it. Like now.

What are some movies you’ve been wanting to see? 

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Top Ten {Tuesday} I love movies. I think it stems from my great love of watching television. But I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t watch movies on a regular basis. Jonathan and I have spent a lot of time discussing our all time favorite movies {which is actually almost as fun as watching them, since you get to relive it!}. Without further ado, my top ten favorite movies of all time:

1. A Christmas Story – I quote this movie more than any other movie. And thanks to TBS’s movie marathon on Christmas Day, I’ve seen it more than any other movie.

2. Elf – Will Ferrell. In Tights. Enough said.

3. Meet the Parents – An equal favorite for Jon and I both, this movie is a classic comedy of showing just how wrong everything can go when you first “meet the parents”.

4. You’ve Got Mail – Such a happy movie. *sigh* Maybe I’m a sap, but I just love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together.

5. Labyrinth – The main character shares my name. My younger brother had just been born and I was struggling with the adjustment, just like the movie plot. Expect the Goblin King never did take Fletcher away.

6. Ocean’s 11/12 – Both movies are funny, action packed but not too crazy and just plain witty.

7. Bourne Trilogy – I’m a fan of action thrillers. Ones that make you think and stay with the plot line. And the Bourne movies do that so well.

8. Love in the Afternoon – I had a huge thing for Audrey Hepburn when I was younger. I watched so many of her movies, and LitA was my favorite.

9. Harry Potter Series – While I’m waiting on pins and needles for the 7th movie to come out {next week!!}, the first 6 have been really great {though not as great as the books}.

10. Family Stone – A dysfunctional family getting together for Christmas. Yep, pretty much sums up my entire family experience.

Pretty random list, I know. What can I say – I like a variety of movies.

What are some of your favorite movies?

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