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Top Ten {Tuesday}I love movies. Lots and lots. And once I fall in love with a movie, I tend to watch it several times {ok, probably more than that}. With that comes memorizing scenes and favorite quotes. Typically, my favorite quotes are random, and, depending on who you ask, I might over use them.


1. Not a finger! {A Christmas Story}


2. Matchy-matchy green squared! {Return to Me}


3. Miss you already! {The Bachelor  – the movie not the show}


4. That’s shocking. {Elf}


5. Think, McFly. Think. {Back to the Future}


6. Just call me Joe. {You’ve Got Mail}


7. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. {Seinfeld – ok, so not a movie, but still a favorite quote}


8. Marriage is what brings us together today. {The Princess Bride}


9. I want to go to there. {30 Rock – again, not a movie, but again a favorite all the same}


10. So far, this is not blowing up my skirt. {True Lies}



What are your favorite movie quotes? I’m sure I have a slew more, but these are what came to me first. 


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