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Television. Sweet, glorious television

Posted on: July 22, 2010

I really, really love television. I’m a little concerned that you can’t say that and be a Christian. But nevertheless it’s true. There is something nice in ending a long, hard day with mindless tv {like “I didn’t know I was pregnant” – seriously, how can you not know?!}

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But I think what I love more than having television is not having television. We just got cable last night for the first time in over a year*. The last time we had cable, we got it while my brother lived with us – as a way to make our home a place where he would invite friends over and watch football games. We had it for about 9 months. Until that point, we’d been without it for 2.5 years.

Sounds strange to go so long without cable. Especially for a self declared telephilia like me. But what I love about being without cable is that it makes you not need cable. I’ve been content the last year without it; was content the 2.5 years before that. And now that it’s installed and at my finger tips? I have no overwhelming desire to watch it. Don’t get me wrong, I will watch it {after all I hear there’s a You’ve Got Mail marathon on WE}, but I don’t feel some attachment to it like I did years ago. Not having cable has shown me I don’t need cable and quite frankly has made me love it all the more because it’s become a treat and not a necessity.

*If you’re wondering why we got cable; Jonathan’s grandmother is moving in with us soon and enjoys her “shows”. I have a post all about the family change coming soon{ish}.

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10 Responses to "Television. Sweet, glorious television"

We haven’t had cable since we lived in Ames, so 5 years now and it’s been almost a year since we got rid of our tv completely. I miss the tv at times, but we can still watch our favorite shows online. Overall, it’s so freeing. I do love watching cable when we go to mine or Mike’s parents to visit. I’m not sure if I would feel the same way you do if we got a tv and cable again. I feel like I would get super sucked in and addicted to it, I don’t know.

Alicia, I think I was weary of that when we got cable while Fletch was here. But I found having Julia really cut down on tv viewing time. So even if I wanted to watch it I still couldn’t be too crazy about it. I have a feeling with two it’ll be pretty much the same.

Great post! I’ve been up and down about the tv, but we’ve always got to have all those channels b/c of a certain sports nut in the fam (ahem, the hubby!). I don’t mind it, but my real love is books!

We canceled cable to save some money when we moved in January and went without it for the second year we were married and I’m hot and cold too. If it’s around I’ll watch if not I watch less, but more since I found hulu and netflix. Though, I try to use it while I’m cooking or doing other chores like folding laundry or waiting for a baby to be born-haha. I’ve said the same thing about the didn’t know I was pregnant show since being pregnant.

We got rid of cable when we moved and I don’t miss it. Of course I’m at a loss at work when everyone is discussing the shows they all watch. I love to read, plus it makes us more interactive and creative with the kids on rainy days and during the winter. We don’t even watch many movies anymore…crazy!

We have gradually decreased our cable package and have not missed it one bit! Well, I’m sure my hubby misses ESPN and I’d like to watch What Not to Wear every once in a while. But, overall, I’d say we don’t need TV at all. It’s so nice to spend time doing things that matter rather than passing the time (which can easily be done!) starring at a box. Maybe one day we’ll be like you and give it up completely!

we’re TV on DVD folks. i really don’t like commercials and i really don’t like having to wait until the next week or two weeks to find out what happens (we especially like shows that tend to have ongoing plots and cliffhangers). getting the DVDs allows us a few moments of instant gratification as we find out what happens in our favorite characters’ lives!

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