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Yeast rolls 101

Posted on: July 21, 2010

After spending time off and on all day yesterday making my yeast rolls, I’d say they were a success {for my first time at least}.

They didn’t turn out as soft as I imagined. Once I got to the point of punching down the risen dough, it was really, really gooey so I added more flour to make it easier to handle. Perhaps I added too much? Or let it rise too long? Or even baked them too much? Not completely sure what happened, but the outside was harder and more dense, the inside was a little softer but not exactly what I like in my dinner rolls.

In the end, it was a good first try. I’m giving it another go today in hopes of learning something new. Wish me luck!

7 Responses to "Yeast rolls 101"

my mom always says when you are kneading the dough you don’t want your finger to stick if you poke your dough. if it does- you need more flour. i however, tend to make mine a little stickier and they always turn out fine. 🙂 mine are rising for dinner!

They look great!! Good for you in just trying!!:)

You added too much flour and if you did not use bread flour that makes a difference also. They sure are pretty though!! Well done, Sis!

I’m impressed even if they were a little hard, way to go! I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon.

I would say sweet success! There is something about baking home made bread that just makes you feel all domestic, huh. At least that is how I feel. 🙂

These are super-easy and wonderful. I do let them knead about 10 minutes in my kitchen-aid, and have replaced half the flour with whole-wheat with great results. They can also rise overnight in the refrigerator.

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