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A Random Top Ten

Posted on: September 27, 2011

My creative juices are starting to slow down these days. Perhaps because I’m full on nesting {and being more creative in that arena}, I’m left with very little writing creativity. Top that off with my overwhelming need to sleep every single minute I can, I’m pretty much useless when it comes to thinking beyond the next three minutes – let alone a whole blog post. Thus, today, you’re going to learn more random factoids about me.

1. I’m really obsessed with pigtails right now – On the girls, on me, on Pinterest. Where ever. I am just really into pigtails. They look super adorable on the girls and frankly, they are an easy alternative to my every day ponytail.

2. I’m getting obsessed with running – I’ve been dreaming about it. Mapping out future runs. Downloading my playlist. In addition to my internal countdown to Joseph’s arrival, I’ve now started counting down to running. Seriously, I think I must be crazy.

3. I love chocolate milkshakes after delivering – Not sure if that’s TMI, but after I delivered both girls, I had chocolate milkshakes with every meal while I was in the hospital. I don’t know what it is with a good chocolate shake, but man I craved them. Thankfully, Culver’s is on our drive home from the birthing center, so I already have my milkshake hook up for post-delivery.

4. I almost bought the girls a cat – We went to Pet Smart for a “field trip” last week. They have an adoption center with several cats ready for adoption. There was one cat the girls really liked and my mama instinct / nurturing feeling was to get them one. Then my logical / Jonathan-would-trip-out instinct kicked in. No cat was adopted. At least not yet…

5. I am the worst roadie tag along – I will fall asleep in the car driving to the grocery store a mile away. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. Well, it’s a blessing when I need to sleep and a curse when Jonathan needs company on long drives.

6. I am the best roadie tag along at 3 in the morning – Along with not being able to stay awake in the car, I have this weird ability to drive through the middle of the night. Like that cruel 1am-5am shift. Seems counter intuitive, but for some reason I am most alert to drive during those times.

7. I cried during a Google commercial – It’s a really sweet commercial about a dad writing emails to his daughter as she gets older. Even thinking about it makes me teary eyed {watch it here :: Dear Sophie}

8. I drink out of the same Texas cup day after day – I got some plastic Texas Longhorn tumbler cups. I refuse to drink out of anything else right now. I just keep filling it with water and then rotate to a new cup every couple of days.

9. I packed Joseph’s diaper bag yesterday – Sure, I still have 5ish more weeks before it’s “go time”, but the diaper bag is packed. And my bag may or may not be partially packed too {don’t judge, I’m a planner}.

10. This blog post took way too much brain power – And now I need a nap.


What’s one random fact about yourself?

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13 Responses to "A Random Top Ten"

Lol! Wow, I didn’t realize you are only 5 weeks away from having sweet little Joseph. How exciting! Ok, a few things here — First, I love the giant red leaf picture hanging in the background behind your Texas cup. Very “Fall” and awesome!! Second, you know I’ve heard the best thing to drink for recovery after a hard workout is chocolate milk because it has the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein. Just what your body likely needs right after the hard workout of childbirth. Maybe that’s why you crave the chocolate milkshake. Plus…who doesn’t crave chocolate milkshakes…anytime, during any season?!! πŸ™‚


That commercial made me cry too and I have no excuse ;)! Random about me: I’m a proud leftie, I drink about three hot drinks a day (usually 2 teas and one hot chocolate), and I ate a fast food meal after delivering my daughter. What can I say? I love fast food and I don’t like hospital food :P.

No judgement here at all for having your bags packed! My mom gave us Hudson’s car seat, and I knew she had bought it for me, but she was planning to give us the seat at Christmas. She gave me a hard time when I asked for it early, but I’m glad I did, as we otherwise would not have had it when Hudson was born! My water broke at exactly 37 weeks just a few days before Christmas. 37 weeks is considered full term, which would mean you could be actually only 2 weeks away! Nothing wrong with planning ahead πŸ™‚

Girl, I feel ya.
And I’m the same way about milkshakes after I deliver! All I want is a milkshake. Preferably Chick-fil-A. I actually had one when I was IN labor with Squishy!

Thanks for making me feel more normal. . . .

completely random fact: I eat peanut butter every day and have since I can remember. It’s my favorite protein by far. Trader Joe’s Natural Peanut Butter is simply bliss in a jar. even while pregnant, I never get sick of it and have to force myself to ration that ‘healthy’ fat.

haha! I love the milkshake comment…I think chocolate milk shakes are the best…especially after delivering a baby. πŸ™‚

Did I just see that Baby Boy is Joseph?? What a lovely name!!

Yep, we settled on a name {well, a first name at least}. πŸ™‚

Aww, I hadn’t seen that commercial – so sweet!

Not sure if this is all that random, but I usually only drink Ginger Ail when flying. Oh yeah, and I can’t sleep in cars, if I could drive that would be a good thing.

Interesting. Do you drink the ginger ale to help calm your stomach when flying?

HA HA HA! I am the same way with sleeping in the car! Except, I don’t balance it out with being able to drive in the middle of the night… How my husband wishes I could stay awake for ANY part of a drive–even just to chat, not just to take a shift driving πŸ˜‰ I loved this random Top Ten list–thanks for sharing!

I really like that commercial also! It is so sweet!!

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