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We Are Moving to Texas

Posted on: November 11, 2010

In what has been one of the craziest Windham adventures yet, we have decided to move back to Austin, Texas. We will be moving Thanksgiving week. There are a number of factors as a basis for this decision, as there are with any big move. Three main influences in taking us back to Texas are:

1. Spiritual direction – God is calling us to a place where we can minister to our (extended) family, to our past, and mostly to Him. We know that God is moving mightily and drawing us to follow Him there.
2. Family – Being closer in distance to our family while surrounding ourselves and our girls with our/their heritage.
3. Work – The reason for “why now” is that Jonathan will be employed and that’s important for him and for our family as you might agree.

Now for the hardest part:
For nearly six years I’ve lived in Iowa. And over the last 5 years our friends here have become family. They have been with us through life and death. They have been our support, our encouragement, our lives. I would not be the same person without them. I’ve shared many tears and laughter with each of them; building memories and relationships that I pray stand the test of time.

So, my sweet Iowan friends, we are heading south for the winter. Please know each of you mean the world to me. I treasure your friendship and thank God that I have had you all in my lives.

Now to leave you on a funny note, I give you this:

Visit Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking for more Try New Adventures Thursday.

20 Responses to "We Are Moving to Texas"

To be honest I was hoping you were joking. 😉 Let me know if you need anything and if we can hang out before you go! Especially with Julia’s birthday coming around and all the packing you have to do. We would love to watch the girls while you work on things! We will miss you so much!

I agree with Jessica. Love you all and will miss you terrifically! Let me know how we can help you prepare.

Sara and Jonathan, I’m so excited to have you back in Austin! Please let me know if there is anything I can do from this end to help with your move. ~Sylvia

I am ever so bummed! We will miss you guys tons, but I can totally see how bolting out of Iowa’s awful winter seems super appealing 🙂 Especially to a state where it might snow an inch a year… ah, heaven! Like everone else, I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Just let me know what you need. A sitter, food, night out to relax etc. Just give me a call.

Sarah, LOVED the commercial. It had me literally in tears of laughter.
I am SO excited about your move, but I will be lifting you and your family up in prayer because I know you are starting a journey and that’s never easy.
Love you sis

I have decided to remain in denial about this issue. I’m pretending that you didn’t post this. Don’t tell my conscious self that I wrote this.

Wow- crazy guys! I can be happy for you, but still sad for myself. Are you guys selling your house now or what’s the plan there? When exactly is the move date?
I guess Austin is probably too far of a commute for you to watch Hudson if I go back to work part-time 😦
Ok- well let us know if you need help with anything. We still have some of your folding chairs, so I guess we should get those to you soon!

Dude, you totally failed to mention WHEN you are leaving! Not a fan at all of the time frame- but happy for you all the same and ready to help! FYI- for all those interested- we will be having a going away party on the 19th of Nov for them- location tbd. Love you friend!

Oh my goodness, that video is too funny. Texans can be very… Texas-centric? LOL. But I know that won’t apply to you. 😀

When making a hard move, it is so reassuring to know that it’s what God is calling you to do. That’s how we felt when we moved back in June. Since we’ve moved, God has been answering prayers at each turn….we are so grateful.

When does the move take place?

Love, Alicia

Alicia – When I first saw the video I just knew I had to add it. There is a LOT of Texas pride, I have it for sure. But nothing like that! Hahaha!

I thought I had the date in there, but must have thought it and not written it… Maybe it’s my denial?? We are leaving Wednesday, November 24th. 😦

Very exciting and challenging news. God is good, all the time. In no way do I mean that to make light of the situation but in hope and love. I’m praying with/for ya’ll!

The video is AMAZING, I sent it to my sister who lives in Colorado and catches tons of flack for being Texan. Thanks!

Wow! That’s pretty exciting and quick! I hope that your move goes well and your transition to your new place goes smoothly with your family. Electronic communication is so great when you move around!

Wow! We will miss you. 😥 Good for you making a big move like that though!

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Hi Sarah! We don’t know each other but I hope your move goes smoothly! I live in Austin, TX with my husband James and we love it here. The environment, more job opportunities, awesome people, and the music scene make it worth the move! If you want one more friend look me up on Facebook: Bekka Yurkiewicz. Take care! =D

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