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Top Ten {Tuesday}While Texas is always home, for six years, Iowa was my home too. I’ll admit, it took a little time for me to adjust to being outside of the South, but once I gave Iowa my all, I grew to love it. And of course, the people I knew there were awesome. I miss them daily and wish we weren’t so far away {hey y’all – Texas is a big state *hint-hint*}.

While I could easily list ten things I miss about my Iowan friends, let’s be honest, some of the things I really miss about Iowa are pretty superficial. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Rain – Texas is currently in a drought. Apparently the worst in nearly 50 years. I miss thunderstorms. And rain.

2. Close Stores – Thankfully, we do now live less than a mile from HEB – but I miss living near two major stores in Coralville {oh, New Pi, how I love you}.

3. Traffic – I laughed when I first experienced “traffic” in Iowa. Slowly it became normal and I got frustrated at taking 20 minutes to get across town. Now, when I sit in traffic for over an hour to get across town, I think “Hmmm… Iowa traffic wasn’t so bad was it?”

4. Library – Truth be known, Coralville’s library rocked. And sadly, I have yet to find a library here that beats CPL’s awesome kid program/section.

5. Leaving my windows open for most of the summer – I enjoy the fresh air, which usually leads to having my windows open. A lot. Which ain’t really an option when it’s 90+* outside. Yeah…. I miss having my windows open for most of the summer.

6. Snow – What? Did I just hear a collective hiss from all my Northern friends? Well, it’s true. I do miss the snow. Or missed it over the winter. Though, I am realizing that I don’t miss it staying around for months.

7. Rain – Did I mention that we haven’t had much rain in these parts? Yeah, well, we haven’t. And I wouldn’t mind a good rain storm.

8. Seasons – Other than summer, the seasons in Texas don’t last long. Which is nice, because you can literally spend 8-10 months outside. But sad if you, you know, miss snow.

9. Rain – We are about 5 inches below normal {which is, ironically only 5 inches} for the year. And I’m a little freaked out to learn that our household water is rationed by the state. Having never owned a house in Texas before, I never knew that they rationed how much water a home could get.

10. Rain – I know, I know… I just really and truly miss the rain.

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Our apartment is mostly unpacked, our Christmas decorations are up and life is moving forward. Yet all I can think is “I want to go home now.”

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The last three weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least. And now, now things are slowing down and reality has hit. Reality that I am a thousand miles from “home”. Reality that I can’t go down the street to visit friends.  Reality that my daughter keeps asking to play with her friends and she just can’t. Reality that this move is harder than I thought it would be.

I don’t doubt that our family is exactly where God wants us to be. God has shown us time and time again that He is leading us in this new direction. But I can’t help but miss the life we left behind – the friends, the family, we had to say goodbye to. That, that is the hardest part.

Yet, like every lesson, every trial, God proves His faithfulness. God proves that His family isn’t limited to one state or one community. He is bigger than that. Last night we had a chance to meet with a group of families within our new church, Austin Stone. And it was good. So very, very good. I left telling Jonathan that God really met me where I was, in need of feeling His presence in a community, and my heart was full.

I dearly miss our “family” in Iowa, but I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness to show me that wherever He is, wherever His heart is, there my family is also.



In what has been one of the craziest Windham adventures yet, we have decided to move back to Austin, Texas. We will be moving Thanksgiving week. There are a number of factors as a basis for this decision, as there are with any big move. Three main influences in taking us back to Texas are:

1. Spiritual direction – God is calling us to a place where we can minister to our (extended) family, to our past, and mostly to Him. We know that God is moving mightily and drawing us to follow Him there.
2. Family – Being closer in distance to our family while surrounding ourselves and our girls with our/their heritage.
3. Work – The reason for “why now” is that Jonathan will be employed and that’s important for him and for our family as you might agree.

Now for the hardest part:
For nearly six years I’ve lived in Iowa. And over the last 5 years our friends here have become family. They have been with us through life and death. They have been our support, our encouragement, our lives. I would not be the same person without them. I’ve shared many tears and laughter with each of them; building memories and relationships that I pray stand the test of time.

So, my sweet Iowan friends, we are heading south for the winter. Please know each of you mean the world to me. I treasure your friendship and thank God that I have had you all in my lives.

Now to leave you on a funny note, I give you this:

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