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Top Ten Things I Miss About Iowa

Posted on: May 10, 2011

Top Ten {Tuesday}While Texas is always home, for six years, Iowa was my home too. I’ll admit, it took a little time for me to adjust to being outside of the South, but once I gave Iowa my all, I grew to love it. And of course, the people I knew there were awesome. I miss them daily and wish we weren’t so far away {hey y’all – Texas is a big state *hint-hint*}.

While I could easily list ten things I miss about my Iowan friends, let’s be honest, some of the things I really miss about Iowa are pretty superficial. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Rain – Texas is currently in a drought. Apparently the worst in nearly 50 years. I miss thunderstorms. And rain.

2. Close Stores – Thankfully, we do now live less than a mile from HEB – but I miss living near two major stores in Coralville {oh, New Pi, how I love you}.

3. Traffic – I laughed when I first experienced “traffic” in Iowa. Slowly it became normal and I got frustrated at taking 20 minutes to get across town. Now, when I sit in traffic for over an hour to get across town, I think “Hmmm… Iowa traffic wasn’t so bad was it?”

4. Library – Truth be known, Coralville’s library rocked. And sadly, I have yet to find a library here that beats CPL’s awesome kid program/section.

5. Leaving my windows open for most of the summer – I enjoy the fresh air, which usually leads to having my windows open. A lot. Which ain’t really an option when it’s 90+* outside. Yeah…. I miss having my windows open for most of the summer.

6. Snow – What? Did I just hear a collective hiss from all my Northern friends? Well, it’s true. I do miss the snow. Or missed it over the winter. Though, I am realizing that I don’t miss it staying around for months.

7. Rain – Did I mention that we haven’t had much rain in these parts? Yeah, well, we haven’t. And I wouldn’t mind a good rain storm.

8. Seasons – Other than summer, the seasons in Texas don’t last long. Which is nice, because you can literally spend 8-10 months outside. But sad if you, you know, miss snow.

9. Rain – We are about 5 inches below normal {which is, ironically only 5 inches} for the year. And I’m a little freaked out to learn that our household water is rationed by the state. Having never owned a house in Texas before, I never knew that they rationed how much water a home could get.

10. Rain – I know, I know… I just really and truly miss the rain.

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11 Responses to "Top Ten Things I Miss About Iowa"

Hi there! I’m a Minnesotan, so I HAD to stop by when I saw this title. Sorry you’re missing the rain…we just had a thunderstorm here yesterday morning, and I thought the hail was going to come right through the roof! I guess I might miss the snow too, especially around Christmas.
Visiting from TTT! 🙂

I loved your list. Sounds like there’s a lot to get used to, but that also means new adventures, right? I really like #6, and yes, I think I might have let out maybe a tiny hiss.. hehehe (maine)


Jen – I think not having snow at Christmas *was* the hardest part of moving back home this year. We moved right at Thanksgiving when the weather had really turned cold. And Austin was still in the 70’s. Shock to the system!! But, now, not having rain is pretty tough. Because I am a huge fan of rainstorms.

Samantha – I knew people would hiss. 😉 😉 There will be plenty of new adventures, I am sure! And it is pretty nice to be outside a lot {either in the pool or enjoying the park during cooler months}.

I find it hilarious that you miss rain. We lived in Phoenix from 2000-02 then moved to DC and I couldn’t handle all the rain (and snow too, just weather in general)–it made it So Much Harder to get around!!! So now we’re back in Phoenix. 🙂 The thing is, when you go without rain for so long, and then it does rain, it’s so much easier to tolerate it and even enjoy it.

As a native midwesterner, I relate to a lot of your list, especially with Phoenix’s lack of seasons. My favorite season is Fall, which AZ really doesn’t have.

Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 .. I like your top ten. We have a few in common (rain and seasons!) Living in Northern Alaska (I live in a small Inupiaq village some miles from the Arctic circle and have snow 9 months out of the year–come up and visit if you really, really miss the snow!)… So I miss the rain and seasons as well. Like I said before we only have one season….Winter!

Take Care,

We have plenty of rain here in Western PA that I’d be more than happy to send your way. 🙂


You don’t have to go back to Iowas for the rain…..if you lived a little more north in Texas, you would get a little cooler weather and a lot more rain. We have turned off our sprinkler system for the last three weeks because it has rained and stormed quite a bit, and I usually have my windows open morning and again in the evening. I know it won’t last long, but it has been nice. Now close stores or nice libraries….well, you might have to go back to Iowa for those 🙂

It has been dry in Texas, or at least that’s what everyone is saying. Here in North Texas, it has rained and rained. Everything is so wet and the weeds in my yard are loving it!

Send us Austinites the rain my north Texaas friends! 🙂 Shelly, I can’t complain about not being close to stores anymore, now that we moved into the house. Remember how awesomely close HEB is?!? Yeah, that makes my heart happy.

Tory – I’ve realized that I just want snow when I want snow, not all winter long (or nine months in your case – whew!). But I do miss having a white Christmas.

I know a little bit about not having it rain much. When we moved to California it stopped raining in April and it wouldn’t rain again until October. That’s just the way it is in the Sacramento area. They depend on the snow melt from the mountains to supply the water. They really don’t want you using a lot of extra water in the Summer.

Haha! Our area is currently being flooded and has had 600% the average rainfall already this year so I am most definitely NOT missing the rain. And I’d be happy without snow. I really am a warm weather girl. Not that I just love roasting in 100+ temps, but that I’d rather have that then anything below 70. 😉

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