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Baby It’s Hot Outside

Posted on: May 9, 2011

This is the temp my car registered yesterday afternoon

After starting the week off at a blustery 50*, we ended our week with, well, a 50*+ jump. That has to be a record of some sort.

The a/c is on, ice water in hand and the dress code is anything cool. The girls and I are living by the pool most afternoons, and enjoying every minute of it. I’m surprised at how adjusted I am becoming to the temperature. Although, all my wonderful secret fit belly pants and bella bands are not heat-friendly. I’ve tried folding them down, but then it puts too much constriction on my stomach which is pretty uncomfortable. It leaves me in a quandry as to how to hold up my pants. I suppose dresses are the way to go after all.

Southern Living’s May issue has some wonderful sweet tea recipes that I am hoping to try this week. Currently, I have water boiling for blackberry sweet tea – I’ll be sure to share the recipe with you all Thursday. They also have a sweet tea tart which looks divine. And while I might not drink sweet tea often, I’m a Southerner at heart and love anything recipe that requires tea, sugar and heavy cream. Hmmm….

8 Responses to "Baby It’s Hot Outside"

Oh my you really are having a heat wave! I had been complaining because it is suppose to be in the ninety’s here this week. Well after seeing your temperatures I think I will just stop complaining!

Heat wave indeed! Though, this is pretty typical for May. The average temps are in the high 80’s, low 90’s with random hot days.

The worse part is not having rain. We are currently in the worst drought Texas has seen for almost 50 years. Not good. 😦

What a crazy temperature shift. I know it’s probably feeling nasty but it sounds so great to me. I’m currently sitting in my dark house wearing jeans a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie, I just want sun and heat. Luckily, I’ll be in Texas and Arkansas in July! By the way I still need to talk to you about those dates….when we figure it out ha! Oh and the pool sounds like such a fun outing.

The temperature shift was pretty crazy. It might explain the reason my cold lingered {still lingers}.

Yes! Email me about dates. We don’t have plans for the beginning of July and Jon should have time off work around the holiday, so we can come to Dallas for sure!

That’s crazy! I’m really appreciating the beautiful 73 we have here now!

Awwww….hanging out by the pool… sounds devine! When I was pregnant with Abby and had to keep Faith entertained during the day, I would take her to the pool. Even though I looked like a beached whale in my maternity swimsuit, that water felt so fabulous when it was 100 degrees outside. And it was the BEST way for Faith to burn off all that 3yr old energy.

Sounds like you’re embracing the warmer temps inspite of those sometimes uncomfortable maternity clothes.


Crazy! Our high for tomorrow is 91*…so feel free to come back! You won’t be too chilly!

Blackberry sweet tea! Be still my heart!

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