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Confessions of a bad Southern mama

Posted on: July 16, 2010

I don’t drink sweet tea.

{But, I do drink my sacrilegious unsweet tea from a mason jar, so that counts for something, right??}

I’ve never really enjoyed sweet tea, but always want to. Add in my lack of a true Southern accent and I feel as though I’ve slighted my Southern heritage. But, I’m working to remedy my drinking ways. This week I made our normal two batches of tea {unsweet for me, sweet for Jon and the girls} and I’m drinking my tea half and half. Verdict? I’m not in love, but it’s growing on me.

7 Responses to "Confessions of a bad Southern mama"

I think it’s better! Unsweet tea is better for you, so I think you should just stick with what you enjoy and not change it… I am not a fan of sweet tea either.. 🙂

For sure, it is much better for me to drink the unsweet stuff. I think it’s more of a I-want-to-like-it-even-if-I-don’t-drink-it-much sorta thing. Make sense? Maybe it only does in my mind.

Sarah, I grew up on iced tea-the Nestea kind with sugar, or sometimes made partly with some non-caloric sweetener, if we were watching our calories!
When we moved to Georgia, and they asked me if I wanted sweet tea, or unsweet tea, as Chonda Pierce says on her cd, I had no clue!
Sometimes it tasted more like weak tea with lots of sugar to me. My poor children never could get used to it. I always preferred to get my calories from something else-like pecan pie!!! Ha! If you are a Southern gal and don’t need to worry about your weight, then sweet tea is probably the beverage of choice, huh?
However, your “cool” picture is making me thirsty!! Think I will go make some iced tea!!

Can you also work on your southern accent this week?

I don’t like sweet tea either, I just add a little sugar and lemon to plain iced tea. My grammy always had sun tea in her yard though, your photo made me think of her-thanks!

You should never make yourself drink more sugar honey! I do half and half, but because I am not satisfied without the sugar!!!

[…] the recipe with you all Thursday. They also have a sweet tea tart which looks divine. And while I might not drink sweet tea often, I’m a Southerner at heart and love anything recipe that requires tea, sugar and heavy cream. […]

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