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Things I Love Thursday – Christmas Trees

Posted on: December 9, 2010

Perhaps I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I really love Christmas. And my love starts showing itself through decorating in November. There, I said it. I decorate before Thanksgiving. But this year, with our big move, I had to hold out. Until December 8th. You read that right. December 8th. As in yesterday. Never in the history of Sarah has Christmas started this late.

Yesterday I spent all morning unpacking boxes just to make space for our Christmas tree. I think it was worth the effort, don’t you?

Excuse the camera phone quality, our real camera is currently MIA.

Christmas trees to me embody the Christmas spirit. I’ve seen a lot of city Christmas trees over the years, and these are my favorites:

Rockefeller Center, NY

{photo credit}

Daley Plaza, Chicago

{photo credit}


Trafalgar Square, London

{photo credit}

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3 Responses to "Things I Love Thursday – Christmas Trees"

Absolutely, it’s beautiful! Archer watched as I put lights on our tree yesterday hopefully we’ll get the ornaments on today….since we’re heading out of town in 13 days we’re late too.

Glad you got to set that up Sarah!!

Aww… I agree! Nomers likes to have me turn the other lights off and we just sit and look at the tree. It is fun to have some one else in awe and excited about it like I am! 😉

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