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Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m a Christmas addict

Posted on: June 1, 2010

If you’ve ever gotten to talk to me for very long {especially after October 1st}, you might know that I am a little obsessed with Christmas. So, when Southern Living sent me an offer for this:

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I seriously had to stop from reading it cover to cover and waste spend the entire afternoon planning out my Christmas meals, decorations and parties. Because, after all, it is only June 1st and I still have 207 days till Christmas.

7 Responses to "Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m a Christmas addict"

I also LOVE Christmas, especially since it signals going “home” and seeing family!!

I totally understand! I love everything about the holiday season!!! I tend to start early so we can take advantage of the holiday spirit in our house since we travel a lot between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I agree with Emily: one of the best parts is nice, long visits with family 🙂

Glad to know I’m not alone in loving Christmas! November 1-January 1 are some of my favorite times of the year! 🙂

I am not as into the holidays but love that you are, it’s always good inspiration to know people that love the holidays. Maybe if I had that fancy book I’d be more into it ; )

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