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Top Ten Ways to Start Christmas Planning Without Going Crazy

Posted on: October 19, 2010

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Top Ten {Tuesday} There are some of you who don’t even want to think about Christmas yet {after all Halloween isn’t even here}, but the planner in me can’t help but start making Christmas lists. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I just so happen to love Christmas. But, here are ten ways that you can start planning for Christmas without feeling like you’re slightly Halloween and Thanksgiving.

1. Christmas Cards/Pictures – Take your family Christmas picture in October or beginning of November so that you can have your cards ready to mail by December 1st.

2. Name Swap – Does your family do a name swap for presents? If not, I highly recommend it {especially if you have a larger family}

3. Gift List – You can start this early, writing down gift ideas for individuals; It helps you make sure you have everyone covered.

4. Shopping – I bought all the girls’ Christmas presents in August. I found some great deals at random stores and garage sales and have just stored them away for later.

5. Craft Ideas – Want a new Christmas wreath? Or does your husband need a new stocking? Start making your Christmas crafts now so that you can get good deals at hobby shops and don’t feel the holiday pressure come December.

6. Baking – I love to bake during the holidays. And for me, that means baking October – February. One trick I learned last year was to bake several batches of cookies, breads or pies and freezing most of it to bring out for parties or events.

7. Plan Parties in Advance – The holidays book up fast. And between family, work, church and friends it’s hard to coordinate larger events. One way to help is by setting a date early and send out invites a few weeks in advance.

8. Meal Plan – Along with planning parties, it’s important to start listing out a menu. This is where baking and freezing can really come in handy.

9. Check Lights/Locate Decorations – You can wait till closer to December {or November if that’s when you start decorating} to check your lights/find your decorations. I wish I’d done this last year when half way through decorating our tree I realized several strings of lights were out. :/

10. Enjoy the Holidays – I remember Christmas being a carefree and wonderful time as a child. As an adult I can’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed at times. But I strive to enjoy the wonders of the time; the snow, the time with family, the magic of it all.

What are ways you prepare for Christmas?

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10 Responses to "Top Ten Ways to Start Christmas Planning Without Going Crazy"

you forgot about “host a gift wrapping party!” 🙂

I like this list a lot! Very do-able! We just took our family picture so I feel very accomplished now. 😉

Great tips! I love Christmas and every year I promise to get started earlier…maybe I will this year? 🙂

Super smart tips! I love the idea of baking ahead of time and freezing. I just read a recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin bread that yields three loaves, and that was my first thought. I’m making that and freezing for later! 🙂

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Great list! Every year I start planning earlier and earlier, yet I still get overwhelmed in December. Maybe this will finally be the year I get my act together!

I am notorious for doing things at the last minute but have a feeling with Archer this wont fly anymore. Thanks for the list, love the idea of gift shopping ahead when deals come up!

LOVED your list! I was just saying how I was excited for Christmas music to start on the radio and the rest of my family looked at me like I was nuts since it’s so early! I am working on ordering my holiday cards–I love getting them and want mine to be ready to send as early as possible! LOL I have to say though, with all this in mind, a neighbor of mine has a poinsettia out already–that’s a bit much. I think I’ll draw the line there…

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I have visited your website before. The more I visit, the more I keep coming back!

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