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Kelsey at Mrs. Dexter, is hosting her first ever blog giveaway! And she’s blowing it out of the water by giving away three Dave Ramsey financial books!

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Kelsey is giving away The Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace Revisited AND More than Enough: The 10 Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny. How great is that?! Three amazing books!

This year, Kelsey and her husband have been paying down debt, saving money and living on cash budget. It’s been an exciting – and encouraging! – journey to read about.

Be sure to sign up for Kelsey’s giveaway and let her know I sent you over!

Christmas is right around the corner. Have you started on your Christmas shopping? If you’re like me, you’ve still got a few people left and aren’t sure where to find the perfect gift.

Splish splash in the bath! {photo credit}

Want a gift that is unique? Want a gift that is earth friendly? Want a gift that smells really, really good? You’ve come to the right place! I am super excited to be hosting another Eco Natural Soap giveaway! They will be giving one lucky person two soap bars and a lip balm to give as a Christmas gift!

I can’t tell you how much I love Eco Natural Soap. I’ve been using their shampoo, body soap and shave bar since August and have already gotten some of their products as Christmas gifts for family. One of their newest, seasonal products is a pumpkin spice bath & body bar. It is divine. It acts like an moisture rich exfoliating bar – not too harsh, but leaves your body feeling smooth and refreshed. Not to mention it makes your bathroom smell like wonderful spiced pumpkin. *sigh*

One lucky winner will receive two bars of soap {of their choice} and a lip balm {of their choice}.

How to enter:

Mandatory entry: Visit Eco Natural Soap and leave me a comment telling me what you’d like and who you’d gift it to.

Additional entries {leave me a comment for each}

– Follow me on Twitter {@sadiewindham}

– Tweet/Facebook this giveaway

– Visit Eco Natural Soap’s new blog: Eco Friendly Homemaking

You have until Tuesday, November 16th at 11:59 PM CST to enter!

*Disclaimer: While I was provided with products to try from Eco Natural Soap, all opinions are mine!


I sent you an email, so be sure to check it.

Thank you to everyone for participating. Be sure to keep checking back for next month’s awesome giveaway!


{Be sure to check out my Fall Apron Giveaway!}

Top Ten {Tuesday} There are some of you who don’t even want to think about Christmas yet {after all Halloween isn’t even here}, but the planner in me can’t help but start making Christmas lists. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I just so happen to love Christmas. But, here are ten ways that you can start planning for Christmas without feeling like you’re slightly Halloween and Thanksgiving.

1. Christmas Cards/Pictures – Take your family Christmas picture in October or beginning of November so that you can have your cards ready to mail by December 1st.

2. Name Swap – Does your family do a name swap for presents? If not, I highly recommend it {especially if you have a larger family}

3. Gift List – You can start this early, writing down gift ideas for individuals; It helps you make sure you have everyone covered.

4. Shopping – I bought all the girls’ Christmas presents in August. I found some great deals at random stores and garage sales and have just stored them away for later.

5. Craft Ideas – Want a new Christmas wreath? Or does your husband need a new stocking? Start making your Christmas crafts now so that you can get good deals at hobby shops and don’t feel the holiday pressure come December.

6. Baking – I love to bake during the holidays. And for me, that means baking October – February. One trick I learned last year was to bake several batches of cookies, breads or pies and freezing most of it to bring out for parties or events.

7. Plan Parties in Advance – The holidays book up fast. And between family, work, church and friends it’s hard to coordinate larger events. One way to help is by setting a date early and send out invites a few weeks in advance.

8. Meal Plan – Along with planning parties, it’s important to start listing out a menu. This is where baking and freezing can really come in handy.

9. Check Lights/Locate Decorations – You can wait till closer to December {or November if that’s when you start decorating} to check your lights/find your decorations. I wish I’d done this last year when half way through decorating our tree I realized several strings of lights were out. :/

10. Enjoy the Holidays – I remember Christmas being a carefree and wonderful time as a child. As an adult I can’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed at times. But I strive to enjoy the wonders of the time; the snow, the time with family, the magic of it all.

What are ways you prepare for Christmas?

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After making my first apron, someone suggested I do an apron giveaway. Then one day at Hobby Lobby I came across some adorable fall inspired fabric and knew immediately that I wanted to make an apron for my readers to win!

It’s very fall-ish and perfect for all your Thanksgiving cooking coming up {hard to believe Thanksgiving is so close!}. I truly made this apron with all of you in mind and want to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your support as I’ve grown my blog this last year. It’s been so much fun and I couldn’t have done it without you!

For each comment, you’ll receive an entry and a chance to win!

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about fall.

2. Blog about the giveaway, linking back to this post.

3. Follow me on Twitter: @sadiewindham

The giveaway ends on Friday, October 22 at 11:59 CST.

This giveaway is for US residents only – sorry to all my UK friends.

Emily over at The Adventures of Miss Mommy is hosting another giveaway {I just love her giveaways!}. This time she is giving away a Sound Oasis Travel Sound Therapy Machine – a fancy way of saying a travel white noise machine. White noise and I are BBFs. Seriously. We have three {yes, 3!} noise blockers in the girls’ room. Some might call it over kill. I like to call it sleep. 😉

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In addition to the white noise machine, Emily is giving away several “lifetime subscriptions to the upgraded version of a fabulous online white noise generator”. This allows you to have white noise on your computer {ingenious, right?!}. Helps cut out background noise when your working or if you’re like me, letting on of the girls sleep in my bed. Here’s the review I wrote about the online white noise generator:

We use a white noise machine in our daughters’ bedroom and love it. But when we allow one of them to sleep elsewhere {our bed or the family room} we can’t take the white noise machine with them. But having it our our computer for them is ingenious. And it helps cut out background noise when my husband works from home!

Go check out Emily’s giveaway!



Congratulations to Gayle for being the winner of my Eco Natural Soap giveaway. Thank you to everyone for your support. I couldn’t do it without you! {Gayle, please be sure to check your email.}


Top Ten {Tuesday} I’m hosting a natural soap giveaway, ending tonight {Tuesday, August 31}. I thought I’d share with you the top ten reasons to use all natural shampoo.

1. Methylisothiazoline, or MIT – Never heard of it? Well, it’s a chemical used in many shampoos that have been linked to neurological damage. Neurological damage. From a shampoo. Crazy.

2. Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS – The second ingredient in PANTENE Pro-V shampoo is SLS. SLS just so happens to be a proven skin irritant. That we put in shampoo. Then put on our heads.

3. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose – A semisynthetic used as a lubricant in shampoo. Oh, and as a thickening agent. In food. Yum.

4. Mineral Oil – Mineral oil clogs your hair follicles, making the natural release of oils from your head stick to your roots, thus giving you that “oily hair” look {when in fact, your hair isn’t dirty}.

5. Fragrances – I do like me some good smelly stuff, but there is no real FDA regulation of what chemicals make up the fragrances in our shampoo. I don’t like smelly stuff more than my health, that I can tell you.

6. Artificial (Synthetic) Colors – Have allergies to food dyes? Did you know your shampoo has dye in it too? And most of these dyes are made up of coal tar, a known carcinogen.

7. It’s hard to go ‘poo free – Summer of 2008 I stopped using shampoo. {I just heard a collective “WHAT?!“} While it took my hair a while to get use to the change, I loved it. I stopped when I got pregnant with Hannah, because my hair went totally crazy and started falling out. I haven’t gone back to ‘poo free, just switched to all natural shampoos.

8. It’s nice to know what’s on your skin – Just like people want to trace their food from the farm, I like to know who and how my skin care products are made. Eco Natural Soap does a great job of showing you.

9. It’s affordable – A bar of shampoo from Eco Natural Soap is only $3, and when you follow their recommended storing method a bar will outlast a large bottle of chemical shampoo. For $3!

10. You have a chance to win 2 bars of soap and a body balm Want to try out all natural shampoo and soap? Well, here’s your chance to win 2 bars of soap and a body balm from Eco Natural Soap.

You only have until 11:59 CST TONIGHT {Tuesday, August 31} to sign up for your chance to win!

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I was approached by Alicia Hicks, owner of Eco Natural Soap. She asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their products. Of course I said yes and was beyond excited! I requested a soap bar and a shampoo bar. And a few days later, I received my package. To my surprise and delight, Alicia had given me a second bar of soap, a shave bar and lip balm {on top of my original request}! Just how awesome is that?!?

The first night I tried the shampoo, Lavender soap and shaving bar. I was pretty intrigued as to how a bar would work for shampoo {would it lather, would it clean, would I even like it??}. Seriously, it worked amazingly. I wet my hair, rubbed it all over and it just lathered right up. As for the shave bar – it made my legs feel silky smooth. Actually, my thought at the time was that they felt like butter {in a soft non-gross sort of way}. Here are a few family comments:

– “Wow, the peppermint soap makes my skin feel tingly and awake.”

– “A bar shampoo? Whoa, this stuff really works.”

– “That smells good, mama {about the lavender soap}.”

Our family has loved our Eco Natural Soap products. I’ve gone through a slew of natural shampoos and not found one I like as much as this one. Beside the niceness of the product, I love being able to know what ingredients are put in each item {they are listed on the back of the wrappers}. I love  supporting a new company and especially one based out of my hometown! And finally, they have great prices making it worth buying all natural over any other brand!

And here’s the best part:

Eco Natural Soap has agreed to sponsor a giveaway on my blog!

The winner will receive two {yes 2!} bars of soap and a balm of their choice!

Here’s how to win:

1. Leave a comment telling me which Eco Natural Soap bars and balm you like.

2. Facebook and/or Tweet it and leave a comment telling me you did.

3. Blog it and link back to this post and to Eco Natural Soap.

4. Refer a friend and have them mention you sent them over.

You have until Tuesday, August 31st at 11:59 PM, CST to enter!

For more Things I Love Thursday, visit Jill at Diaper Diaries. And for more Try New Adventures, visit Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking.

*Disclaimer: While I was provided with products to try from Eco Natural Soap, all opinions are mine!

Emily over at The Adventures of Miss Mommy is doing another fabulous giveaway!

Hailey’s Halos, is an Etsy store that makes adorable headbands for little girls

{photo credit}

There are so many cute headbands to choose from! And the best part is, there will be three winners!

Visit Emily, leave a comment and make sure she knows I sent you!

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