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Travel White Noise Machine Giveaway!

Posted on: September 25, 2010

Emily over at The Adventures of Miss Mommy is hosting another giveaway {I just love her giveaways!}. This time she is giving away a Sound Oasis Travel Sound Therapy Machine – a fancy way of saying a travel white noise machine. White noise and I are BBFs. Seriously. We have three {yes, 3!} noise blockers in the girls’ room. Some might call it over kill. I like to call it sleep. 😉

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In addition to the white noise machine, Emily is giving away several “lifetime subscriptions to the upgraded version of a fabulous online white noise generator”. This allows you to have white noise on your computer {ingenious, right?!}. Helps cut out background noise when your working or if you’re like me, letting on of the girls sleep in my bed. Here’s the review I wrote about the online white noise generator:

We use a white noise machine in our daughters’ bedroom and love it. But when we allow one of them to sleep elsewhere {our bed or the family room} we can’t take the white noise machine with them. But having it our our computer for them is ingenious. And it helps cut out background noise when my husband works from home!

Go check out Emily’s giveaway!


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Thanks for the support!! Make sure you leave all the comments for doing the review and the blog since you went to the trouble!

As always, appreciate you!

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