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I’m a Squirrel Killer

Posted on: September 24, 2010

I poisoned a squirrel the other day. Hear me out before you immediately shun me as an animal hater. I’m not. Promise. I bought these really cute fall decorations that look like little berries:

Super cute, right?

Apparently, they must taste pretty good too, as I saw a squirrel eating them the other day. I shooed him away and decided to leave out walnuts in case he came back. And he did. But rather than eat the yummy walnuts {like his other squirrel friends did}, this little guy went right back for my styrofoam berries.

The next day I saw a dead squirrel at the end of our neighbor’s driveway. I am not totally certain it’s the same squirrel, but what if it is? Did I inadvertently kill a squirrel- that just so happened to be a baby? {Yeah, I forgot that part. I am a baby squirrel killer! I will never live that down.}

I decided to make amends and offer nuts up to the surviving squirrels. The girls and I picked up a big container of acorns at the park and put them in a dish on the front porch. I even went so far as to make it all cute and fally:

It even matches my fall decor.

Hopefully now I won’t poison any more squirrels with my oh-so-not green berries.

1 Response to "I’m a Squirrel Killer"

Anita and I stood there trying to figure out how he died. Styrofoam didn’t make the list, but does make sense…

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