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Crazy Adventures in taking Public Transportation in New York City

Posted on: September 23, 2010

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I landed in New York around 11:30 pm. My plan was to take a taxi from the airport to Midtown area {about 8 miles}. When I got outside I was overwhelmed. So many people. I looked for taxis, but didn’t see any. Then I realized there was a taxi line. That made since, as there were several lines for transportation. Or so I thought. About half way down the line it dawned on me: all these people are waiting for taxis. I overheard some people saying that the front of the line {who were just about to get taxis} had waited for nearly 3 hours. Wow. Welcome to New York.

What’s a girl to? I figured if I could just get to Manhattan I could figure things out from there. So I stood in the taxi line. After 20 minutes, I saw a bus coming that read: 125th Manhattan. Do I get on? Do I wait? In the millisecond I had to ponder, I saw one person step out of line. I figured it was now or never. I ran over to the bus stop as dozens of people followed. I pushed, yes pushed, my way onto the bus. I am good to go.

Or not.

A visitor was a asking a lady {who lived in the area} how far down the bus goes into Manhattan. 125th St. Wait. I’ve know the area well enough to know 125th is Harlem. And while I have been there before, I am not sure being in Harlem, alone, at 12:30 is an experience I really want. I told the lady where I needed to go and asked what I should do. “Get off at Astoria Blvd., take the NRQ to 47th and walk from there.” The what? To where? Will I even see the train station? Is Astoria safe? Should I just take a taxi? She said she would show me where to go, but would be heading in the opposite direction, so I was on my own.

Thankfully, New York is friendly, and there were a lot of people waiting for the train, making me feel even safer. I got off at 47th at Times Square, which was an amazing first sight of the city. I walked about 2 blocks and arrived at my friend’s apartment. And so I started my New York adventure.

The best part: I had budgeted about $25-30 for a taxi, but only spent $4.50 on the bus and train together. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to take public transportation back to the airport rather than hail a taxi. A am one cool mama.

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13 Responses to "Crazy Adventures in taking Public Transportation in New York City"

How great! Your post reminded me of similar experiences that I have had….in particular, my best friend and I in downtown San Fransisco at midnight (we had just arrived) not knowing WHERE we were going to stay that night! We caught a wireless connection briefly to get directions to an affordable hotel not far from San Fran. Midway there, our GPS/computer died. We finally found a place to stay around 1 am…we were SO TIRED and stressed. But we had a fabulous time the next day!

My hubby and I had some interesting times trying to catch buses on time when we were commuting back and forth from Staten Island to Manhattan last year on our babymoon.

Public transportation–fun times! Most of the time it just confuses the heck out of me.

Thanks for linking up to TNAT, Sarah. I’m loving all your posts on your time in NYC.

3 hours waiting for a taxi is nuts! I always took a taxi from the airport into the city when I was living in Boston, but that was mostly because I had too much luggage that made it a pain to take the T.
That’s very cool that you braved the bus. I generally feel pretty comfortable with trains/subways because the maps are easy to read, but the bus is way more intimidating.
Mike and I did take the bus while in Switzerland on our honeymoon, but we were just hoping it would take us where we needed to go, since we had no idea and everything was in German. It was one of those “follow the crouds and hope everyone is trying to go where you’re going too” types of situations. Fortunately it all worked out!

I once rode the Chinatown bus into Manhattan from Boston. It was wonderful!!!!

Hello, hello?! Ring, ring! Hello, hello?! When I got on the SITC bus that was the first thing I thought about! 😉

How FUN!! I had a similar experience in Mexico and loved it! I’m all about public transportation. Of course I say that but my actions are quite different…I drive everywhere. But, in my heart, I’d love to ride the city bus around town.

Glad you had fun…you must be a New Yorker at heart!!

no way- i would have been crying.. and on the phone with andy! you are brave!

It was pretty overwhelming when I first got out there. But I figured so long as I could leave the airport I could figure things out from there. Not sure I’d be so brave in a foreign country though!

That’s exactly what I thought… What could be the worst possible similar situation? I think the same situation applied in a country like China.

Way to go! NYC scares the pants off me. When I visited in college, my friend’s friend said she’d meet me at Penn Station, then when I arrived she called and said nope, just take the subway to her house in Brooklyn. Um, WHAT?! I had to ask some girls in school uniforms (they didn’t seem too scary) if I was heading in the right direction and all was well. Spontaneity is not my strong suit. Nicely done!


Bravo for taking public transportation! Glad to hear your adventure met with success. I actually enjoy the thrill of navigating big cities sometimes, though I’ve not been to NYC yet.

So glad you got it worked out and that you saved some cash. Hope you had a great trip!

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