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Cry Baby Cry

Posted on: September 22, 2010

Have I ever mentioned that Hannah is a mama’s girl? Never content to be next to me, she needs to be on me {or being held}. For the most part I love it. But let’s be honest, when you can’t set her down to go to the bathroom all day long it gets a little tiresome. We have been working with her, getting her to be around other people without crying. With our friends that she sees often she does fairly well {or maybe not and they are just being kind!}. But if I am in the room and she can’t be with me, this is usually the result:

Look at that sad face!

And that’s when she’s with Daddy and Julia. I’d hate to see her with a stranger!

I know she will out grow this stage. I remind myself of that when the frustration sets in. It’s a sweet time in our relationship and I am learning to love it completely {even if that means I only get to pee when she’s asleep}.

3 Responses to "Cry Baby Cry"

Glad you can see past the inconveniences of this stage and appreciate it! Fitz (our vizla/golden mix) has attachment issues like this, only instead of crying, he just follows you around if you’re standing and lays on you if you’re sitting. Even if there’s no space between two people, he sees room for himself!

I get that some with Logan. Most days it’s just that I can’t leave the room… at least I don’t have to hold him all the time.

I got that ALL the TIME with Luke!!!!!!!!!!!! Every minute of every day….unless I simply wasn’t there, at which point he was happy as a clam! Josh felt useless with Luke and we just had to wait for it to pass. As Luke began to move more and talk, he has begin to develop his own independence and I am loving his sweet snuggles when they do come, but also the freedom to pee w/o massive crying (as if I’d abandoned him).

In all seriousness, I also started to pray for Luke- for his sense of security and for him to be content. I think the Lord developed a sweeter heart in me (I was very, VERY frustrated with him) as he worked in Luke as well. 🙂

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